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David Grey Reveals the Secrets of the Andy Beal Game

High Stakes Player Recalls the Details of Poker's Biggest Game


David GreyNo security necessary — just $26 million in chips, David Grey, and a pistol-carrying Todd Brunson.

Perhaps there were safer ways to transport The Corporation’s winnings after Phil Ivey took Andy Beal to town, but it was what it was. A quick drive to Bellagio, and the players divvied up their earnings.

Grey returns to The Scoop on Card Player TV (sponsored by Full Tilt) this week for Part 2 of his interview with Adam Schoenfeld and Diego Cordovez.

He discussed the final epic match between Phil Ivey and Beal, and how people were concerned when Ivey only won a small amount after his first session (compared to the stakes). But the next day, Ivey dominated the match to finish up $16.6 million, according to Grey.

Beal finally had enough and called it quits.

Grey also discusses today’s high stakes action, explaining that many of the nosebleed players still don’t really have an appreciation of the volatility of the game, and a variety of other topics on this week’s episode.

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