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European Poker Tour San Remo Day 1B Update

Italian Poker Tournament Attracts Largest Field in EPT History


Luca PaganoThe official numbers are in, and the European Poker Tour San Remo has become the largest EPT ever held in Europe with yesterday's 600 runners, making the total turnout 1,178.

The prize pool is €5,713,000, and the winner will receive €1.5 million ($1.9 million). Click here to check the full payouts for the top 112 players in San Remo.

Day 1B's field was packed full of excellent players, online greats, and bracelet holders.

A scout around the many areas that make up the tournament revealed some interesting tables, including one with Katja Thater and Dario Minieri; Danny Ryan and recent Irish Open finalist Andrew Pantling; Ivo Donev and Ilari Sahamies; Machou Ghaouti and Thierry van den Berg; Michael Greco, Max Pexcatori, and Nico Behling; Marcel Luske and Andreas Krause; Isabelle Mercier and May Maceiras; Alexia Portal and Dave Callaghan; Luca Pagano and Julian Thew; and Rasmus Nielsen, Andrea Benelli, Jani Sointula, and Jonas Molander.

David Callaghan and Luca Pagano (pictured above right) had a nice run early on in the day. Pagano doubled up to around 18,000 with Q-Q, flopping quads while Callaghan called an all in with pocket aces versus pocket kings.

Norwegian Johnny Lodden was eliminated with a rivered jack giving his opponent (World Series of Poker finalist John O'Shea) an unlikely winning hand, while EPT Barcelona winner Sebastien Ruthenberg ran K-J into Juan Macerias' aces, which sealed his demise.

Dario MinieriDario Minieri (pictured left) was all in with A-Q versus A-A. Although there was a queen on the flop, his opponent hit the nut flush (and one away from a royal), and the event lost another strongly fancied pro who made last year's final table at this event.

Mid-session saw a number of high-profile players hit the rail, including Peter Eastgate, Noah Boeken, and Hevad Khan, all three running their ace-kicker's into ace-better-kickers.

Julian Thew, Patrik Antonius, and Ilari Sahamies also departed before the tournament really hit its stride.

Jonas Molander and Dave Callaghan were two late casualties and at the end of play 253 players remained. These players will join the survivors from day 1A, forming a field of 469 players, for an action-packed day 2 in San Remo.

The top 10 in chips going into the day are:

  1. Dragan Galic (Croatia) -- 107,800
  2. Ljubomir Josipovic (Austria) -- 83,200
  3. Vincenzo Spinelli (Italy) -- 79,100
  4. Govert Metaal (Monaco) -- 78,800
  5. Nikolay Losev (Russia) -- 76,000
  6. Jose Valero (Spain) -- 75,900
  7. Asa Smith (UK) -- 74,700
  8. Constant Rijkanberg (Holland) -- 74,400
  9. Andrea Nunes (Italy) -- 69,600
  10. Marc Friedmann (Switzerland) --67,400

Be sure to check back at today for updates from the action on the Italian Riviera.