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311 Become 64 as Big Players Bust on Day 2


Phil LaakDay 2 of the Irish Open saw 311 players become 64 as players hit the rail one after another. Play was expected to slow as the bubble rapidly approached, but as has been the style so far, players persevered, the bubble was popped, and the event entered the money bracket.

Former footballer Tony Cascarino left the tournament when his all-in shove with pocket sevens could not survive the A 6 of his opponent Lee Brooke-Pearse when an ace appeared on the flop. Dan Harrington busted out early session. He sat down at the start of the day with a short stack and could not make any improvements.

Meanwhile, the first feature table of the day was picking up steam, as it should with players like Phil Laak (pictured above right) and Jamie Gold present. Laak appeared to get under Gold’s skin, much to the amusement of onlooker Andy Black. Eventually, Gold could not help bleeding his chips away, and busted at the hands of Laak, who also lost momentum shortly after leaving the feature table and hit the rail to join Gold.

The bubble boy was Ronald O’Hara, who ran his A-10 into Andreas Kyprianou’s A-Q. A queen came on the flop, and O’Hara’s hand failed to improve. He shook his opponents’ hands and left the area with a smile, as has been the friendly way of the Irish Open up to this point.

With many of the familiar faces leaving the tournament as it reached the end of level 16, Kara Scott was one of the two remaining women in the field. She had a fantastic rollercoaster ride which saw her stack expand into a monster by end of play. Card Player spoke to her shortly after play finished up to see how she was doing and what she has been up to in today’s Tournament Trail Q and A.

The eight players who left in the money were:
65th: Gert Cooman — €3,500
66th: Lasse Lien — €3,500
67th: Francis McDonald — €3,500
68th: Roar Wang — €3,500
69th: Carsten Joh — €3,500
70th: Packie Quinn — €3,500
71st: Eldon Orr — €3,500
72nd: Sean Donalson — €3,500

Chip leaders going into day 3 of the Irish Open 2009 are Andy Bradshaw (283500), Lee Brooke-Pearse (283500), and Andrew Pantling (282,500). Seven Paddy Power Sole Survivors remain in the field and one of them, Martin Lynch, has a giant stack his fellow chip leaders must contend with. The play is really heating up as we battle towards the final table today and this can all be followed via Paddy Power Poker’s live stream and blog at