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Poker Pro Jimmy 'Gobboboy' Fricke Returns to The Scoop

Young Pro Discusses the Aftermath of Poker Fame


Jimmy FrickeMost people who are familiar with Jimmy Fricke know that he came in second place in the 2007 Aussie Millions main event. What many people don’t know, however, is how much he was staked for that event and how his game changed following his breakout performance.

Fricke discusses some of the details regarding that tournament with Adam Schoenfeld and Diego Cordovez on this week’s episode of the The Scoop on Card Player TV (sponsored by Full Tilt).

He explains that he only had about a third of himself in that event, so while the second-place finish was certainly a major highlight, it didn’t exactly make him rich. He also discusses how much he had to tinker with his game after so many people watched the tournament on TV.

He describes very honestly what it’s like after a big tournament score, talking about how his head got messed up for a while as he dropped quite a bit of money online. He also says that he bluffs a lot less now that people know him.

Fricke also talks about other games, besides hold’em — saying that each game will help you in the other games in the long run. Just like many big-name players, he describes his affinity for pot-limit Omaha — calling it “no-limit hold’em on steroids.”

Finally, he talks about his mom and how poker helped their relationship.

Tune in next Friday for another new episode of The Scoop.