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Mike 'SirWatts' Watson Hosts This Week's Free Poker Video

Reviews Several Key Hands Played at the Final Table of a $530 Buy-in Tournament


Michael Watson hosts this week's free poker training videoMichael “SirWatts” Watson is the featured host of this week's free poker video training clip from Card Player Pro (powered by PokerSavvy Plus). In this video, Watson reviews several key hands played at the final table of a $530 buy-in tournament on Absolute Poker. This video, as well as three additional free clips by other instructors, is currently available on the Card Player Pro preview page.

In the video clip, Watson goes over playing a tournament knowing that a lot of players are simply waiting for a good hand, because of stack sizes. He goes into what those kinds of players are usually considering (or not considering) and how to play against them effectively. He also talks about a hand where he holds A-Q against on the button versus an early-position raiser who is one of the chip leaders.

That entire video can be viewed by members of Card Player Pro, as well as the full video catalog from PokerSavvy Plus. A seven-day trial membership is also available and gives full access to the videos and the site’s other features.

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The Card Player Pro/PokerSavvy Plus team of pros includes Michael “SirWatts” Watson, Justin “WPTHero” Rollo, Dani “ansky” Stern, Tony “Bond18” Dunst, Andrew “Foucault” Brokos, Christian “Charder30” Harder, Tom “LearnedfromTV” Chambers, and Evan “_Fisherman” Roberts.

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