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Bay 101 Shooting Star -- Day 3

The Final Table is Set and Begins Tomorrow at 4 p.m.


Day 3 at the 2009 Bay 101 Shooting Star $10,000 no-limit hold'em championship event began with 36 players. The tables were seated six-handed to start the day, which made for a lot of action. Levels were increased to two hours in length to ensure that the remaining players could play deep-stack poker, as well. The need for speed took over at the start of the day as a flurry of players busted during the first two levels of the day. By the third level of the day, players settled in after the chaos and began to play some measured poker in an attempt to make the final table. Things didn't wrap up until just after midnight, when the final table of six was reached. All of the information you need to know about day 3 at the 2009 Bay 101 Shooting Star is included below.

The final table will begin at 4 p.m. tomorrow, and Card Player will be there to bring you all of the action in live updates, chip counts, and photos. Here is a look at the seating chart for the final table tomorrow, with chip counts:

Seat 1: Chris Moore -- 1,476,000
Seat 2: Thao Le -- 711,000
Seat 3: Steve Brecher -- 2,016,000
Seat 4: Tony Behari -- 2,046,000
Seat 5: Kathy Liebert -- 1,180,000
Seat 6: Chau Vu -- 352,000

Here is a look at the players who finished in the money on day 4:

Joe Sebok36: Jeremy Meier -- $15,000
35: Paul Wasicka -- $15,000
34: Robert Fox -- $15,000
33: Long Lai -- $15,000
32: Chi Kong Nguyen -- $15,000
31: Raymond Lee -- $15,000
30: Tyler Cornell -- $20,000
29: Matt Lessinger -- $20,000
28: Anthony Gargano -- $20,000
27: Mohsin Charania -- $20,000
26: Marco Johnson -- $20,000
25: Joe Sebok -- $20,000
24: Luis Velador -- $25,000
23: Michael Nguyen -- $25,000
22: Jerry Reed -- $25,000
21: Hoyt Corkins -- $25,000
Dan O'Brien20: Gary Tighe -- $25,000
19: Louis Razzano -- $25,000
18: Vikaly Yarkov -- $30,000
17: Taylor Raines -- $30,000
16: Vivek Rajkumar -- $30,000
15: Steve Dempsey -- $30,000
14: David Forster -- $30,000
13: Frank Khadivi -- $30,000
12: Amnon Filippi -- $40,000
11: Dan O'Brein -- $40,000
10: David Fox -- $60,000
9: Farzad Bonyadi -- $60,000
8: John Monnette -- $90,000
7: Michael Kamran -- $90,000

Here is a look at the highlights of the day as featured in's live updates:

Paul WasickaPaul Wasicka Takes a Big Hit

Gary Tighe raised preflop, and Paul Wasicka called from the big blind. The flop was dealt 10 8 3, and Wasicka checked. Tighe bet 20,000, and Wasicka made the call. The turn fell Q, Wasicka checked, Tighe bet 100,000, and Wasicka moved all in. Tighe called and they flipped up their cards:

Wasicka: J 8
Tighe: A A

River: Q

Wasicka was knocked down to 9,500 after the hand, while Tighe soared to 550,000.

Paul Wasicka Eliminated in 35th Place ($15,000)

Paul Wasicka moved all in from the cutoff for 7,000, and Michael Kamran raised from the small blind to 32,000. Gary Tighe called Kamran down from the big blind, and both live players checked a board of 8 3 2 2 J. Kamran flipped up A Q, and both opponents mucked. Kamran eliminated Wasicka and took home the $5,000 bounty. Kamran was up to 595,000 after the hand.

Vivek RajkumarVivek Rajkumar Eliminated in 16th Place ($30,000)

Vivek Rajkumar moved all in on a flop of A Q 10 and Michael Kamran called him down. Their cards:

Rajkumar: J 5
Kamran: A 7

Turn and river: 7 and 2

Rajkumar was eliminated in 16th place, and he will take home $30,000 in prize money. Kamran held 1,220,000 after the hand.

Amnon FilippiAmnon Filippi Eliminated in 12th Place ($40,000)

John Monnete raised to 22,000, and Amnon Filippi moved all in preflop. Michael Kamran made the call, and Monnette did, as well. The flop fell K 7 4, and Kamran checked. Monnette bet 80,000, and Kamran mucked. The two remaining players then turned up their cards:

Monnette: K Q
Filippi: A Q

Turn and river: 8 and K

Filippi was eliminated on the hand and he will take home $40,000 in prize money.

Dan O'Brien Eliminated in 11th Place ($40,000)

Dan O'Brien got the last of his chips into the middle preflop gainst Farzad Bonyadi. Their cards:

O'Brien: 9 9
Bonyadi: A K

Board: A 10 3 7 6

O'Brien was eliminated in 11th place, and he will take home $40,000 in prize money. Bonyadi held 1,350,000 after the hand.

David Fox Eliminated in 10th Place ($60,000)

David Fox got all of his chips into the middle against Michael Kamran. Their cards:

Fox: 9 9
Kamran: Q Q

Board: Q 6 3 5 4

Fox was eliminated in 10th place, and he will take home $60,000 in prize money. Kamran was up to 1,150,000 after the hand.

Steve BrecherBonyadi vs. Brecher in a HUGE Pot

Thao Le raised under the gun to 28,000, and Farzad Bonyadi called from the button. Steve Brecher raised from the small blind to 204,000, and Le mucked. Bonyadi raised all in, and Brecher made the call. Their cards:

Brecher: A A
Bonyadi: K K

Board: J 6 2 Q 7

Brecher won the huge hand to double to 2,426,000 and take the chip lead. Bonyadi was crippled down to 160,000.

John Monnette Eliminated in Eighth Place ($90,000)

On a board of A Q 4 8, Tony Behari bet 40,000 and John Monnette raised to 80,000. Behari moved all in, and Monnette made the all-in call. Their cards:

Monnette: Q 8
Behari: A 4

River: K

Behari won the hand and Monnette was eliminated in eighth place ($90,000).

Michael Kamran Eliminated in Seventh Place ($90,000)

On the first hand of seven-handed play at one player from the final table, Michael Kamran moved all in on the turn, and Steve Brecher called him down. Kamran turned up an ace-high flush draw. Brecher already held a flush, however, and Kamran was sent to the rail in seventh place when the river card delivered no help.