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European Poker Tour German Open Day 3 Update

Day 3 Sees Many Casualties as Final Table of Pros Comes to Light


After a roller-coaster day of ups and downs, the EPT German Open found its final table, and what a table it is. But, of course, the day did not have its casualties:

18. Jan Collado-Fernandez (Germany) -- €17,000

19. Amir Sarughieh (Germany) -- €17,000

20. Jochen Lucke (Germany) -- €17,000

21. Moritz Kranich (Germany) -- €17,000

22. Ismael Bojang (Germany) -- €17,000

23. Nasr El Nasr (Germany) -- €17,000

24. Gregor Waltermann (Germany) -- €17,000

25. Alessandro Meoni (Italy) -- €13,300

26. Jacek Ladney (Poland) -- €13,300

27. Umberto Vitagliono (Italy) -- €13,300

28. Martin Hansen,(Denmark) -- €13,300

29. Constantin Meyer (Germany) -- €13,300

30. Marco Noll (Germany) -- €13,300

31. Than Minh Pham (Germany) -- €13,300

32. Brandon Hall (USA) -- €13,300

33. Falko Bertheau (Germany) -- €11,600

34. Riccardo Mazzitelli (Italy) -- €11,600

Marc Gork

Then, as things got more serious, Johan Percival was the next to go as the cream of the crop rised to the top. Last year's champ, Mike McDonald, put Percival on the other side of the rail in 16th place for €20,000.

 U.K. young gun Richard Kellett ran queens into kings and was left with 252,000. Shortly thereafter, Marc Gork (pictured left) finished him off in 15th place for €20,000.

Luca Pagano then went on to knock Steve Jelinek out with pocket rockets, A A. He made his exit with €25,000 for 14th place, while William Thorson doubled through chip leader Cengizcan Ulusu.

The gentle giant Andreas Hoivold failed to repeat history and break the record of winning two EPTs. He busted out when his A K failed to hit against Storaker's pocket nines. He collected €25,000 for busting out in 13th place. He was sad, however, because he left the recent EPT Scandinavian Open in 12th.

Mykola Chornyi then became the 12th-place finisher, taking home €33,300, followed by Matthias Kurschner in 11th place, who also took home €33,300 for his efforts, as did Waldemar Kopyl in 10th.

Cengizcan Ulusu and Marc Gork then butted heads and there was a chance that Gork could be the final-table bubble boy.

Their cards were:

Ulusu: A J

Gork: 7 7

Board: K K 3 9 7

Gork avoided the ace and the flush, however, and doubled through Ulusu. He managed to escape the bubble, but Florian Langmann was not so lucky:

Florian LangmannFlorian Langmann (pictured right) pushed all in and was called by Luca Pagano, who is hoping for  his first EPT win today.

Langmann only had 170,000, so he really needed to improve to stay in the tournament.

Pagano: A 9

Langmann: 4 3

Board: Q 9 4 6 A

Pagano breathed out deeply, and Langmann smiled sadly, hitting the rail as the final-table bubble boy with €50,000 for a consolation prize.

The final table is definitely one to look forward to, and perhaps the best in a long time. Here are the players and their chips:

William Thorson: 829,000

Luca Pagano: 1,115,000

Johan Storakers: 1,615,000

Mike McDonald: 746,000

Holger Kanisch: 661,000

Sandra Naujoks: 586,000

Marc Gork: 540,000

Cengizcan Ulusu: 537,000 will be broadcasting highlights from the final table at today's German Open live from Casino Hohensyburg from 2 p.m., so be sure to check in for all the action from Dortmund.