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SpadeClub Poker Winner -- George 'MasqueMan' Marlowe

SpadeClub Member Takes Home His $2,500 Satellite Seat

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SpadeClub has awarded its sixth Exclusive member with a $2,500 seat in a satellite to the 2009 Five-Star World Poker George 'MasqueMan' MarloweClassic at Bellagio. George “MasqueMan” Marlowe beat out more than 135 players in the Jan. 25 Bellagio Championship Series monthly qualifier to snag the seat. MasqueMan also earned a seat in the Bellagio Championship Series finals, giving him the opportunity to take first place in that event to secure a $25,000 seat in the championship event at Bellagio.

Card Player: First off, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Gearoge “MasqueMan” Marlowe: I am a 67-year-old ceramic masque maker who also plays poker. I live in Marina del Rey, California, with my wife of 18 years, Renee.

CP: Do you play live or just online? If so where?

GM: Up until last year, I was playing a lot of live and online, but the demand for my ceramic art started taking off, and I have been too busy to play as much as I have in the past. You can check out my artwork at I played in all of the major casinos in Southern California, both tournaments and cash games. My last foray into the live arena was in the $30-$60 limit hold’em game at Hollywood Park Casino.

CP: What was your first poker experience like?

GM: I don’t remember my first poker experience, but it must have been at a very early age, because I do remember the first time that I made a bet, and it was the USC/UCLA game in 1948 when I was seven years old. I won that bet from my barber for a dime —and I mean a real dime, 10¢, not a thousand dollars — and I was on my way. Gambling was a big part of my life growing up, as I was kicked out of three junior high schools and three high schools for gambling.

CP: What is your general strategy going into a tournament?

GM: Tournament strategy varies with the type of tournament. For deep-stack, slow-moving tournaments, I tend to lay back and wait for real hands and real opportunities. in fast-moving tourneys, I generally move a lot more quickly and am more inclined to gamble early. I have an extensive poker library, and I play, play, play. There is no substitute for experience.

CP: What do you think is the key to success when a tournament gets down to heads-up poker?

GM: When a tournament gets down to heads up, it is imperative to keep the pressure on.

CP: What are some of your other poker accomplishments?

GM: I have two final tables and four money-finishes in the WSOP and an in-the-money finish in the Bellagio $25,000 year-end event. I have lifetime tournament winnings of well over $500,000.

CP: Do you think SpadeClub is a good learning ground for people who are looking to start playing?

GM: I think that SpadeClub is great for a wide variety of players, from novices to pros.  Where else can you play poker whenever you want and for the amounts of money that are available. For me, having the opportunity to play for [all that SpadeClub has to offer each month] for $150 a year is the bargain of a lifetime. Tell me where else you can get that kind of deal.

CP: What is your next goal on SpadeClub? How do you plan to accomplish it?

GM: My next goal is to win the Bellagio Championship Series final and the $25,000 seat that goes along with it. How I’m going to do it is something that I can’t share just yet ... but we can talk after the tourney is over.

CP: Do you have any general advice to share with our readers about succeeding at SpadeClub?
GM: The only advice I can give to SpadeClub players is the advice I would give to anyone playing serious poker. There are three rules of serious poker:
1) patience, 2) patience, and last but not least, 3) patience.

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