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Allen Carter Wins WPT Southern Poker Championship

Carter Takes Home $1 Million


Allen CarterThe World Poker Tour Southern Poker Championship took on a marathon feel throughout its first three days of play and the final table was no different. The six relative unknowns that made up the televised final table made the most of their time in the spotlight and played cautious, patient poker for nearly eight hours. The end result was numerous lead changes as the deep stacked players jockeyed for position for a total of 154 hands.

Here were the chip counts heading into the final table, along with the corresponding seating positions:

  1. Hilbert Shirey  -  1,353,000
  2. Bobby Suer  -  651,000
  3. Tyler Smith  -  1,271,000
  4. Allen Carter  -  1,673,000
  5. Soheil Shamseddin  -  3,061,000
  6. Chuck Kim  -  386,000

Hilbert ShireyIt took 93 hands for the first player to bust and during that time Chuck Kim went from short stack to chip leader and back again, eventually going home when his A-K fell to Soheil Shamseddin's A-9. Kim earned $105,490 for his first ever WPT cash.

Young gun Tyler Smith took a bad beat earlier in the tournament and fought hard to comeback and make the final table. He was rewarded with $134,500 for his fifth-place finish after losing a race to Allen Carter.

Hilbert Shirey was next to go on the short stack when his J-10 suited failed to catch up to Bobby Suer's A-8. He earned $184,607 for his finish.

Soheil ShamseddinAfter a few double ups, Shamseddin made an ill-timed bluff attempt on the river into Carter's trip tens. Shamseddin, who was the most experienced player at the table, pocketed $263,725 for third place.

When heads up play began, Carter enjoyed a slight chip lead on Suer. Over the next 30 hands, Carter opened up his lead and claimed the title when his A-4 made the wheel against A-K. Suer took home $501,028 for his runner-up performance and Carter claimed the $1 million first-place prize along with a $25,000 seat into the WPT Championship next April.