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WSOP Circuit -- Brent Roberts Wins Harrah's Atlantic City Stop

Roberts Tops a Solid Field of 179 Players at the Last Circuit Event in 2008


The $5,000 no-limit hold’em main event at the World Series of Poker Circuit event at Harrah’s Atlantic City concluded on Tuesday, Dec. 16. Brent Roberts won the final WSOP Circuit event in 2008, and he took home a first-place prize worth $280,040. The tournament attracted 179 entrants and created a total prize pool worth $867,100. Roberts defeated an impressive final table that included professional players Allen Bari, Kyle Bowker, Robert McLaughlin, and Scott Zakheim. Here is a look at the final table when things began:

Brent RobertsSeat 1: Allen Bari -- 816,000
Seat 2: Alex Camejo -- 227,000
Seat 3: Tim Kelly -- 379,000
Seat 4: Phillip Reed -- 340,000
Seat 5: Robert McLaughlin -- 123,000
Seat 6: Kyle Bowker -- 375,000
Seat 7: Dwyte Pilgrim -- 265,000
Seat 8: Brent Roberts -- 1,011,000
Seat 9: Scott Zakheim -- 85,000

Alex Camejo was the first player to fall, in ninth place ($17,342), about 15 minutes into play when his A-Q was dominated by the A-K of McLaughlin. The next player fell an hour later, and it was Zakheim. He was eliminated in eighth place ($26,013) by Roberts. Dwyte Pilgrim fell in seventh place ($34,684), and Tim Kelly fell in sixth place ($43,355) in quick succession as Bari and Bowker scored their first knockouts at the final table.

Roberts eliminated his second victim when he took out Bari in fifth place ($52,026). Bari held pocket fours against the A-K of Roberts, but both a king and an ace came to the aid of Roberts and sent Bari to the rail. McLaughlin was eliminated next in fourth place ($69,368) by Bowker in one of the most interesting hands at the final table:

In a battle of the blinds, McLaughlin called, and Bowker checked before the flop hit the table 10 6 4. McLaughlin bet 45,000, and Bowker made the call. The turn was dealt 9, and McLaughlin checked. Bowker bet 70,000, McLaughlin called, and the river hit the table Q. McLaughlin bet 120,000, Bowker moved all in over the top of him, and McLaughlin made the all-in call. They turned up their hands, and McLaughlin showed down J J for a flush. Bowker held the nut flush, however, when he revealed his holecards -- A 5.

Despite winning this big hand, Bowker fell next in third place ($86,710). This was the first elimination of the day that Phillip Reed scored, and it gave his chip stack a shot of adrenaline heading into the final heads-up match against Roberts. Roberts still held a lead of about 700,000 over the 1.46 million Reed took into battle. Roberts won the first major hand heads up to increase that lead, and the final table came to a close 10 minutes later. Reed called all in against Roberts on a flop of K-9-8, but unfortunately for Reed, Roberts held 9-8 in the hole for two pair. Reed was eliminated in second place ($147,407), and Roberts claimed the Circuit event championship title and $280,040.

Final-Table Results:

1: Brent Roberts -- $280,040
2: Phillip Reed -- $147,407
3: Kyle Bowker -- $86,710
4: Robert McLaughlin -- $69,368
5: Allen Bari -- $52,026
6: Tim Kelly -- $43,355
7: Dwyte Pilgrim -- $34,684
8: Scott Zakheim -- $26,013
9: Alex Camejo -- $17,341

The next WSOP circuit event will take place in 2009, when Harrah’s Tunica hosts the next circuit event from Jan. 20-Feb. 4. The $5,000 no-limit hold’em championship will run from Feb. 2-4.