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Tony 'Bond18' Dunst Hosts This Week's Free Poker Video Clip

Analyzes How to Play Early Stages of Multi-Table Tournaments


Tony 'Bond18' DunstTony “Bond18” Dunst is the host of this week's free poker video training clip. Dunst is playing multiple multi-table tournaments in the video, and he brings the action on certain tables to the forefront any time there's an interesting situation. This video, as well as three additional free clips by other instructors, is currently available on the Card Player Pro preview page.

In the video, Dunst goes over how to play monster hands for maximum value (in this case, fast-playing them), as well as when it's OK to complete from the small blind with a very marginal hand, and how to play it post-flop. He also goes over how to read into tiny raises or small check-raises; they usually indicate strength, which means you should play your big hands very aggressively against those opponents. (Dunst was right against two opponents using this method, and he stacked them both.)

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The Card Player Pro/PokerSavvy Plus team of pros includes Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, Justin “WPTHero” Rollo, Dani “ansky” Stern, Andrew “Foucault” Brokos, Evan “_Fisherman” Roberts, and Chris “tribefan9” Rhodes.

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