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Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza Ends With Three Winners

J.J. Liu, Nicholas Sliwinski and Ulises Roman All Win Main Event In Different Ways


J.J. LiuNote: This story was updated on Dec. 5 to reflect newly available information from the players and tournament staff.

The Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza recently wrapped up with its $2,500 main event. The no-limit hold'em tournament attracted 233 entrants and generated a total prize pool of $539,628. This was the ninth edition of the popular tournament series that pushed the trend of giving players more bang for their buck with more play in smaller buy-in events.

Among the notables to make the final two tables and cash included Denny Lee (14th), Tim Frazin (12th), and Blake Cahail (seventh).

When play got three-handed, a deal was struck according to the chip counts. Joanne "J.J." Liu held the chip lead, Ulises Roman was in second, and Nicholas Sliwinski was the short stack. A total of $15,000 was set aside to play for, though Liu was given credit for the victory. Because the players were so deep and the hour was late, the tournament took on a light-hearted feel and the all-ins came often. After spreading some chips around the table, Liu was eliminated in third. This score brought Liu near the $2-million mark for lifetime earnings.

Nicholas SliwinskiAfter Liu's elimination, the two remaining players agreed to chop the extra $15,000, resulting in an odd finish where all three players laid claim to a portion of the victory. Sliwinski took home the trophy, Liu took home credit for the win, and Roman took home the most cash.

Here were the final results:

  1. Joanne "J.J." Liu -- $110,492*
  2. Ulises Roman -- $115,760*
  3. Nicholas Sliwinski -- $98,610*
  4. Richard Dinunzio -- $48,567
  5. Stewart Yancik -- $32,378
  6. Anasavanh Sittivong -- $26,981
  7. Blake Cahail -- $21,585
  8. Christopher MacNeil -- $16,189
  9. Randy Dorfman -- $10,793

* Based on a three-way chop awarding an extra $15,000 to the winner, which was chopped as well.



13 years ago

Did Sliwinski colaborate on every hand with his sister as he did in the 2008 WSOP main event...whos the bully now.


almost 13 years ago

Sounds like donshell is a bit jealous - or perhaps he just wishes he could have collaborated with Sliwinski's sister as well? Didn't go as deep in the 2008 WSOP as Sliwinski did, huh donshell?

BTW, it is spelled "collaborate".