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EPT Budapest -- Final Update

William Fry Takes Down First Ever EPT in Hungary


Today saw the final table of the very first European Poker Tour Hungarian Open play out. Eight players left over from an original field of 532 took to the felt at lunchtime in Budapest and didn’t waste any time getting down to business.

The chip counts at the start of the day were as follows:

Zoltan Toth: 1,059,000
Cyprian Hriska: 1,038,000
Albert Iversen: 1,017,000
William Fry: 572,000
Johnny Lodden: 500,000
Gino Alacqua: 466,000
Marino Serenelli: 357,000
Martin Jacobson: 306,000

Each round was as rapid as the next, and heads up was no exception. Every second word heard was reraise or all in, until one player was left standing.

Here are the final table results:

1st: William Fry (€595,839)
2nd: Ciprian Hrisca (€342,608)
3rd: Martin Jacobson (€197,904)
4th: Albert Iversen (€153,216)
5th: Marino Serenelli (€127,680)
6th: Gino Alacqua (€100,016)
7th: Zoltan Toth (€78,736)
8th: Johnny Lodden (€53,200)

Here are the highlights from the final table as featured in’s live updates:

Johnny Lodden Eliminated in Eighth Place (€53,200)Johnny Lodden

Unfortunately, the first casualty of the day was online pro Johnny Lodden. Lodden had a make or break moment in a pot with Zoltan Toth, William Fry, Albert Iversen, and Martin Jacobson. Lodden raised to 55,000, Toth called, and Fry reraised to 152,000. Jacobson thought about it for a few moments and then called, followed by Iversen and Lodden. The flop fell J82 and Jacobson shoved all in. Lodden did likewise, pushing his entire stack in the middle. Toth also came along for the ride. Lodden unveiled his pocket kings, and Jacobson, his107 for the flush draw. Toth’s AK had Jacobson’s flush draw blown out of the water. It was down to the river and the turn to decide whether Lodden’s kings would hold or not. The turn came the 7 and the river the 9, and unexpectedly, a lucky Jacobson made his straight on the river to take down the pot. Lodden may not have lasted the hour but he should walk away with his head held high for making his first ever EPT final table. The Norwegian whizz takes home €53,200 for eight place.

Zoltan Toth Eliminated in Seventh Place (€78,736)

Left extremely crippled, Zoltan Toth was the next to go. All in preflop versus Gino Alacqua and Albert Iversen, the flop fell 843. Alacqua and Iversen checked down the turn and river which were the Q and 3. Alacqua had A-2 for ace high, Iversen had Q-10 for top pair, and Toth had a meagre 6-2. So, it was goodbye to our final Hungarian friend of the tournament.

Gino Alacqua Eliminated in Sixth Place (€100,016)

Ciprian Hrisca min-raised preflop, Alacqua comes over the top all in for 272,000. Iversen called, Marino Serenelli and William Fry folded and Hrisca went into the tank. He then decided to call, and it was time to see the flop: J108. Hrisca checked, Iversen bet 240,000, and Hrisca made the call. The turn came the J, and it was check-check to the river, which was the 9. Hrisca showed A10 and Alaqua AQ, and the Italian became the victim of the hot shot Romanian.

Marino Serenelli Eliminated in Fifth place (€127,680)

The next bust occurred during a bit of a crazy pot. Preflop, Marino Serenelli raised to 85,000 and William Fry reraised to 140,000. Serenelli called and the flop was dealt the Q76. Serenelli checked, Fry bet 90,000 and Serenelli called. The turn was the 2, Serenelli checked and Fry pushed all in. The smartly dressed Italian called and the river came the 7. Serenelli revealed 85 for a busted straight draw, and Fry showed J6 for a simple pair of sixes.

Albert IversenAlbert Iversen Eliminated in Fourth Place (€153,216)

Martin Jacobson was on the big blind for 30,000, and Albert Iversen shoved all in for 317,000. William Fry, who was almost involved in nearly every hand, decided to call.

The small and big blind folded and the board was dealt:

The two revealed their cards:

Fry: 88
Iversen: 79

And Fry took another to become the chip leader.

Martin Jacobson Eliminated in Third Place (€197,904)

Things looked friendly when Ciprian Hrisca and Martin Jacobson checked down the K63 flop. The river was the 8  and Hrisca bet 100,000. Jacobson made the call. The river card was the K and Hrisca moved all in. The young Swede called again. Jacobson's two pair with 8x10x was not good enough however and Hrisca took down the pot after making the flush on the turn with 102.

And then there were two.

Heads up was fast and furious. All-ins back and forth finally pushed Fry into the lead to take the event all the way to home base.

Ciprian Hrisca Eliminated in Second Place (€342,608)William Fry

In the final hand of the event, Ciprian Hrisca bet 150,000 preflop and William Fry raised it to 650,000 in total. Hrisca shoved all in and Fry called.

The two showed their hands:

Fry: J-J
Hrisca: A6

Board: Q106KQ

Fry's pocket jacks held and Hrisca became the runner up.

William Fry is 2008 Hungarian Open Champion (€595,839)

William Fry became the champion of the first ever EPT Budapest, and as he slowly sipped his glass of red wine following the final table, he appeared to be happily absorbing all the attention he was getting for this fantastic achievement — he takes down his first EPT, and also the first major poker tournament of his career.

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