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Blake Cahail Wins Event No. 16 at the Caesars Palace Classic

Cahail Wins a Tough Heads-up Match to End an Otherwise Quick Day 2


The last preliminary event at the 2008 Caesars Palace Classic was a $1,000 no-limit hold'em six-handed event that attracted 141 players when it began on Sunday, Oct. 27. The field played down from that original number to two final tables of six-handed poker during 11 levels on day 1. Familiar faces lost along the way included: Allen Kessler, Will Failla, Vivek Rajkumar, Scott Clements, Marc Karam, J.J. Liu, Ted Lawson, Chris Grigorian, Tony Ma, and Men "The Master" Nguyen. The money bubble proved to be a very sticky situation as play both before and after the crucial moment in the tournament was gummed up with slow play that bogged down the tournament.

Day 2 was a different affair all together. The 12 players that returned at 2 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 27 were sliced down to a final table of six within an hour, and it took just an additional hour after that to whittle the field down to a heads-up match between Blake Cahail and Jared Pacifici. This proved to be the longest portion on day 2, with the two competitors playing naerly two hours before the final table came to a close and Cahail claimed the $37,324 in prize money.

Full Payout List

Here are the highlights from the final table as featured in's live updates:

Final-Table Seating Chart

Seat 1: Blake Cahail -- 380,000
Seat 2: Sahu Habibi -- 180,000
Seat 3: Young Phan -- 90,000
Seat 4: Jared Pacifici -- 185,000
Seat 5: Peter Nguyen -- 110,000
Seat 6: Kim Frederiksen -- 450,000

Jared PacificiJared Pacifici Doubles Up

Blake Cahail moved all in on a flop of 7 4 2 from the big blind and Jared Pacifici made the all-in call from the cutoff. Their cards:

Cahail: 6 6
Pacifici: 8 8

Turn and River: 5 10

Pacifici doubled up on the hand to survive, and he now holds 320,000.

Sahu Habibi Eliminated in Sixth Place ($5,148)

Sahu Habibi was the first player to bust at the final table, finishing in sixth place, and taking home $5,128 in prize money.

Young PhanYoung Phan Eliminated in Fifth Place ($7,079)

Young Phan moved all in for 64,500 preflop and Blake Cahail made the call. Their cards:

Phan: 3 3
Cahail: Q J

Board: K 9 8 2 10

Phan was eliminated in fifth place when the 10 on the river made a straight for Cahail and he will take home $7,079 in prize money.

Peter Nguyen Eliminated in Fourth Place ($10,297)

Jared Pacfici moved all in from the small blind and Peter Nguyen called all in on the big blind wih a very short stack. Their cards:

Nguyen: K 9
Pacifici: A 5

Board: A 8 5 10 Q

Nguyen was eliminated on the hand in fourth place and he will take home $10,297 in prize money.

Kim FredriksenKim Frederiksen Eliminated in Third Place ($14,802)

Kim Frederiksen moved all in preflop and Blake Cahail called him down. Their cards:

Frederiksen: K J
Cahail: 3 3

Board: 10 5 4 10 6

Fredriksen was eliminated in third place and he took home $14,802 in prize money.

Heads-Up Chip Counts

Blake Cahail: 770,000
Pacifici: 581,000

Jared Pacifici Doubles Up Heads-Up

Jared Pacifici moved all in preflop and Blake Cahail made the call. Their cards:

Pacifici: A 10
Cahail: K Q

Board: A Q 7 10 A

Pacifici doubled up on the hand to survive.

Blake Cahail WinsBlake Cahail Wins Event No. 16 ($37,324)

Jared Pacifici was grinded down to a short stack during a period of play that saw his stack dwindle to 200,000. He moved that all in preflop and Blake Cahail made the call on the button.Their cards:

Cahail: A 10
Pacifici: K 6

Board: A 9 8 2 6

Pacifici was eliminated in second place and he took home $21,168 in prize money. Cahail won the tournament and he walked away with $37,324 in prize money and a Tourneau watch.