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Online Poker -- darkillermax Wins Poker Stars Sunday Million

All Four Flagship Tournaments Have Overlay Again


PokerStars Sunday Million

All four flagship tournaments featured overlays last night, PokerStars included. The site’s Sunday Million event had 7,415 entrants last night, meaning that it missed hitting its $1.5 million guarantee by virtue of buy-ins alone (which requires 7,500 entrants). The site put $17,000 into the prize pool to match the guarantee.

After a few false starts on dealmaking discussions when four-handed and three-handed, a deal was finally reached during the heads-up match between darkillermax and salvo58. The agreement guaranteed darkillermax, the chip leader at the time, about $145,000, while salvo58 was guaranteed almost $135,000. The two played out the match for the $30,000 left on the line for the winner, per the PokerStars chopping rules. Darkillermax came out of the match much as he came in, with more chips — all of them. He took out his final opponent to pocke the extra money, putting his total winnings at $174,656.

The final results were:

  1. darkillermax — $174,656*
  2. salvo58 — $134,793*
  3. sms9231 — $84,000
  4. Numb Nutzzzz — $69,000
  5. Lounatic0815 — $54,000
  6. moabut — $39,000
  7. kadi100 — $26,250
  8. cashadvance7 — $17,250
  9. BackDoorovic — $10,500

* Payout reflects a heads-up deal made at the final table, with $30,000 on the line for the winner.

Full Tilt $750,000 Guarantee

Jeremiah 'Believer8219' VinsantFull Tilt’s $750,000-guaranteed tournament fared a bit worse than PokerStars’ event when 3,605 entrants bought in. That was 145 entrants shy of hitting the promised prize pool, which left Full Tilt out $29,000 as an overlay.

Papagaio and tarheelkid made it through some tough competition at the final table (see the results below) to get heads up in the event. Papagaio eventually fell to the rail as the final player eliminated in the event, snagging $80,250 for his runner-up finish. Tarheelkid became the last man standing, which earned him $132,788.

The final results were:

  1. tarheelkid — $132,788
  2. Papagaio — $80,250
  3. Eppy1 — $52,500
  4. sumdumjer — $41,400
  5. Jeremiah “Believer8219” Vinsant (pictured above) — $31,050
  6. Notjony — $23,025
  7. alcatrazcc — $17,250
  8. Jordan “pimpin_pens” Smith — $13,500
  9. Bonditto — $10,050

UltimateBet $200,000 Guarantee

Joe 'ender555' Ebanks The UltimateBet $200,000-guaranteed event had 810 entrants last night, which meant that UltimateBet had to put $38,000 into the prize pool to match the posted guarantee (more than the second-place payday in the event). Players were essentially getting a $247 buy-in tournament for $200.

Joe “ender555” Ebanks (pictured at right) vaulted himself into sixth place in the Online Player of the Year standings with his deep finish in the event, ultimately faltering and busting in sixth place ($9,000). The heads-up battle came down to rockyc27 versus FlopNutsOnYou. FlopNutsOnYou failed to live up to his screen name in the final hand, as he was eliminated as runner-up, leaving rockyc27 to collect the $45,000 first-place prize.

The final results were:

  1. rockyc27 — $45,000
  2. FlopNutsOnYou — $27,000
  3. mragrzv — $18,500
  4. P P — $13,000
  5. utterczar — $11,000
  6. Joe “ender555” Ebanks — $9,000
  7. igotfired — $7,000
  8. troro — $5,000
  9. burner6 — $3,500
  10. Jeremy “whitewollfe” Gregorio — $2,000

Bodog $100,000 Guarantee

Strangely, the Bodog $100,000-guaranteed event seems to attract 666 entrants more often than chance would dictate, and last night was no exception. That attendance number left bodog to foot the $33,400 bill to match the guarantee in the event. Entrants were basically getting 33 percent off on their buy-in price, as they were getting the equivalent of a $150 tournament for $100.

Notable online poker player Kenny “Hixx” Hicks went heads-up with grandpa7 in the tournament. Hixx eventually sent grandpa7 to the grave in second place, and Hixx pocketed $23,600 for becomming the final player in the event.

The final results were:

  1. Kenny “Hixx” Hicks — $23,600
  2. grandpa7 — $13,600
  3. MrSmallf — $9,100
  4. Archie1106 — $7,000
  5. Big Chips — $5,700
  6. magpe — $4,500
  7. krapydna16 — $3,300
  8. ardie — $2,200
  9. Try_An_Hit — $1,300

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