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Justin Kramer Wins Event No. 8 at the Caesars Palace Classic

Kramer Started the Day as the Short Stack but Rallied for the Win


The eighth event in the Caesars Palace Classic was a $2,000 no-limit hold’em event that attracted 115 players for day 1 on Wednesday, Oct. 22. The first day ended just before 2 a.m., when the final table of nine players was reached (this was also the money bubble for the event). Here is a look at the notable players that busted out of the tournament on the way down to that final table on day 1: Lee Childs, Davidson Matthew, Mike Leah, Noah Schwartz, Cody Slaubaugh, Brandon Cantu, Roy Winston, Michael Binger, John Gale, Matthew Glantz, Allen Bari, Jason Young, Michael and Eric Mizrachi, David Levi, Barry Shulman, and Men “The Master” Nguyen.

The final nine returned at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 23. Here were the chip counts at the start of play:

Seat 1: Brandon Garrity -- 449,500
Seat 2: Martin Lawton -- 147,500
Seat 3: Jason Sanders -- 495,000
Seat 4: Carl Landrum -- 346,000
Seat 5: Surinder Sunar -- 252,000
Seat 6: Yosh Nakano -- 118,000
Seat 7: Bob Wyndle -- 308,500
Seat 8: Jared Okun -- 227,000
Seat 9: Justin Kramer -- 77,000

After a long period during which every player that was all in doubled up during the first hour and a half of action, Jared Okun was the first to fall in ninth place. After that the action picked up and the final table began its inevitable march to a champion, with one small twist at the end. Justin Kramer, who came into the day as the short stack, also came into the heads-up match facing a deficit against Brandon Garrity. Garrity had dominated much of the final table, but Kramer doubled up through him heads-up and held on for the win, grabbing $79,509 in prize money.

Here are the highlights from the final table as featured in’s live updates:

Jared Okun Eliminated in Ninth Place ($6,626)

Jared Okun moved all in on the button with A-10 and Brandon Garrity called him down from the big blind. Garrity held pocket jacks and they held up to eliminate Okun from the tournament in ninth place. He will take home $6,626 in prize money.

Bob WyndleBob Wyndle Eliminated in Eighth Place ($8,834)

Bob Wyndle was able to double up yet again when his pocket twos made a set on a 7-5-2-8-5 board against Jason Sanders, who held Q-J, but a few hands later Wyndle would not be so lucky. This time, Wyndle was all in holding K 10 against Sander's A K. The board ran out 7 4 2 5 K and Wyndle was eliminated in eighth place. He took home $8,834 in prize money.

Surinder Sunar Eliminated in Seventh Place ($11,043)

Surinder Sunar moved all in preflop and Brandon Garrity made the call. Their cards:

Sunar: A A
Garrity: J J

Board: Q J 9 Q 7

Sunar was eliminated on the hand and he took home $11,043 in prize money. Martin Lawton

Martin Lawton Eliminated in Sixth Place ($13,252)

Martin Lawton moved all in preflop and Brandon Garrity called him down. Their cards:

Lawton: A-J
Garrity: 9-8

Board: A-9-8-3-6

Lawton was eliminated on the hand in sixth place, and he took home $13,252 in prize money.

Carl Landrum Eliminated in Fifth Place ($15,460)

Carl Landrum moved all in preflop and Jason Sanders called him down. Their cards:

Landrum: K Q
Sanders: K K

Board: 10 7 5 10 J

Landrum was eliminated in fifth place and received $15,460 in prize money. Sanders was up to 610,000 after the hand.

Jason Sanders Eliminated in Fourth Place ($17,669)

Jason Sanders was just eliminated when his pair of kings ran into the 7-5 of Brandon Garrity that made two pair. Sanders was eliminated in fourth place and he took home $17,669 in prize money. Garrity now holds a massive chip lead heading into three-handed play.

Yosh Nakano Eliminated in Third Place ($24,295)

Yosh NakanoJustin Kramer raised to 101,000 preflop from the small blind and Yosh Nakano reraised all in on the button. Kramer made the all-in call. Their cards: 

Nakano: Q Q
Kramer: K K

Board: K Q 6 5 9

Kramer doubled up on the hand to 862,000 and Nakano was left crippled with just 68,000.

Two hands later Nakano was all in again against Kramer preflop. Their cards:

Nakano: 10 10
Kramer: A 6

Board: A J 8 5 J

Nakano was eliminated in third place, and he will take home $24,295 in prize money.

Brandon GarrityHeads-Up Chip Counts

Here are the heads-up chip counts to start play:

Brandon Garrity: 1,250,000
Justin Kramer: 1,070,000

Justin Kramer Doubles Up

On a flop of 8 7 5 Justin Kramer raised to 75,000 on the flop and Brandon Garrity reraised to 175,000. Kramer reraised all in for 580,000 and Garrity made the call. Their cards:

Garrity: 5 5
Kramer: A 6

Turn and River: 2 4

Kramer doubled up on the hand and evened up the heads-up match.

Justin Kramer Wins Event No. 8 ($79,509)
Justin Kramer
Brandon Garrity got all of his chips into the middle on the flop, Justin Kramer made the call, and then they turned up their cards:

Kramer: Q Q
Garrity: 5 4

Board: 10 5 4 J 10

Garrity was eliminated in second place, and he took home $44,172. Kramer took down the title for Event No. 8 and $79,509 in prize money.