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WPT: North American Poker Championship Day 2

Gavin Smith Leads Remaining Field of 99


Gavin Smith - Chip LeaderIt took four days, but the prize pool for the 2008 North American Poker Championship at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls has finally been announced. With 454 players in the field, the total prize pool ballooned to $4.37 million and will be dispersed unevenly throughout the final 45 players.

Here is a look at the prizes for the final table of six:

  1. $1,250,352 CAD
  2. $612,427 CAD
  3. $319,337 CAD
  4. $262,469 CAD
  5. $196,851 CAD
  6. $153,107 CAD

The players were scheduled to battle down from 275 to 99. As it turns out, that only took five levels and change, allowing for yet another short day in Canada, giving the players some more time to check out the year-round haunted houses that have been revamped for the Halloween season. A little less than half the remaining field will make the money tomorrow, when the players return at noon.

Hand of the day:

Kathy Liebert Chips UpA short stack moves all in for his last 22,700 and is called by another opponent in middle position. Kathy Liebert then reraises to 77,700 and the action is folded around. The middle position player then moves all in and Liebert calls off her last 65,000 or so. Liebert shows KK and is relieved to see her opponents turn over pocket queens and AJ.

The board runs out 7735J and Liebert boosts her stack to roughly 300,000 in chips, putting her among the leaders.

Here is a look at the top ten chip counts:

  1. Gavin Smith - 405,900
  2. Matt Matros - 383,800
  3. Vivek "psyduck" Rajkumar - 342,100
  4. Ryan "eatschips" Fisler - 327,500
  5. Robert Cheung - 316,100
  6. Mark Zajdner - 312,400
  7. Kathy Liebert - 298,300
  8. Jeremy Joseph - 292,000
  9. Brian "SNoOoWMAN" Hawkins - 287,300
  10. Xuan "x2then" Nguyen - 277,600

Others still in contention include Erik Seidel, Marc Karam, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Jason Potter, Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi, Barry Greenstein, Steve Sung, Joe Sebok, Vinny Pahuja, Shawn Buchanan, J.C. Tran, Matt "AllInAt420" Stout, Mike "Timex" McDonald, Christian "charder30" Harder, Darus Suharto, Max Greenwood, Lee Markholt, Will "The Thrill" Failla and Mike "SirWatts" Watson.



13 years ago

How come you don't have the chip counts for all the players listed? Isn't this an official WPT event?