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World Series Of Poker Europe Update: Day 5

Sherkhan Farnood Takes Down £2,500 H.O.R.S.E Event as £5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Gets Going


Although 110 players kick-started the £2,500 H.O.R.S.E event, only 11 were left going into its third day. With each hoping for the £76,999 top prize, they were all safe in the knowledge they would be going home with a large chunk of the ₤275,000 prize pool.Raul Paez

The very first player to go in event No. 2 of the World Series Of Poker Europe, presented by Betfair, was Spanishman Raul Paez. He went out before every single player had the chance to sit down. On the first hand of play, Paez made it 8,000 from the button with A 10 10 8, and big blind Howard Lederer made the call with 7 6 5 5. Chaos ensued after the 7 6 2 flop was dealt, as the dealer thought both players had checked, and Lederer said, “I looked at my cards, but I didn't check.” No fuss occurred as the dealer brought play back, and Lederer bet out for 4,000. Paez called, and the turn was the 4. Lederer asked Paez how much he had left and then put him all in. Paez called for his last 5,500. The J was the river, and both players at first thought it was a split pot, but Lederer soon saw he had a low and scooped the pot.

A short-stacked Yuval Bronshtein decided it was his time to make a move in the first hand of seven-card stud eight-or-better. He moved all in on fifth street and wound up holding A 9 8 5 with Q J 4 at the end, and Phil Ivey called with A K 4 2 with K 3 X to put Bronshtein out with nothing but a pair of kings.

Erik Albinsson was next to go in ninth place, taking home £6,875 as a consolation prize. Brit Spencer Lawrence was not too far behind him. He fought hard to stay alive after taking a beating from the unstoppable Sherkhan Farnood, but finally went out in eighth place for £8,938.

Jeff Lisandro was next in seventh taking home £11,000 for his efforts, and despite a stellar performance, Phil Ivey was hot on his heels in sixth for £13,750.

In a round of hold'em, Farnood, the machine, continued wreaking havok on his opponents. Mark Gregorich put in a raise, Farnood three-bet, and Gregorich called. The flop fell K 9 8, Gregorich bet, and Farnood raised once again. As Gregorich went into the tank, Farnood very humanely said, “Sorry Mark.” Gregorich decided to go for it, and the turn came the 4. Gregorich checked, Farnood bet 12,000, and Gregorich, holding AJ, went all in for 1,000 more. Farnood, sitting on pocket fives, called, and the 9 came on the river. Farnood took the pot and sent Gregorich to the other side of the rail in fifth place with £17,188 for company.

After dinner break it was Jeff Duvall’s turn to face the music. His struggle was finally over, finishing in a respectable fourth place, and taking home £22,000 for his determination.

Sherkhan FarnoodWith three left in the running, action slowed down. Austrian Ivo Donev was all in for his tournament life, but doubled through Lederer to survive. Although Lederer had made his mark on this tournament with an astounding performance, his two opponents were not going to give up without a fight. Donev went on to make a dramatic comeback and took another large pot off of the poker academic. Chip stacks at this stage were very tight, but after 90 minutes, everything had changed and the stacks were as follows:

Ivo Donev: 516,000
Sherkhan Farnood: 400,000
Howard Lederer: 186,000

Lederer increased his stack after this, but the cards were just not falling his way, and he went out at the hands of Farnood. A not-too-shabby £30,250 will fit nicely in his pocket for third place.

It was Austria versus Afghanistan, and Donev was fighting like a true champ against the persistent Farnood. He increased his stack to almost equal that of the chip leader. However, as his chips began to leak in the direction of Farnood, it was a round of stud that did the ultimate damage.

Donev got his last 70,000 in on third street and Sherkhan Farnood made the call.

Farnood: (8) (4) 8 6 Q J (Q)

Donev: (K) (J) 3 2 6 7 (4)

Donev had a flush draw on sixth street, but it wasn’t to be for the Austrian, as Farnood’s queens and eights were good enough in the end, earning him his first World Series Of Poker bracelet and ₤76,999. Donev received £48,125 for his fantastic runner-up finish.

As one event was reaching the finish line, another, the £5,000 pot-limit Omaha was in its early stages. Sherkhan Farnood was busy double-tabling both events, and with the way things were going for him, his smile could be seen from the other side of the room. He was one of 165 competing for the £218,626 top prize, or at least some kind of slice from the tasty £825,000 prize pool.

A few big names who disappeared off of the radar throughout the day were Phil Ivey, Nikolay Evdakov, and Annette Obrestad. Irish Omah-ians were out in full force, with Donnacha O’Dea, Padraig Parkinson, Marty Smyth, Roy Brindley, and online whizz Dave Callaghan all making their presence “felt.”Shaun Deeb

The top chip counts at end of day were:

Jason Mercier (U.S.): 209,800
Shaun Deeb (U.S.): 109,700
Roy Brindley (Ireland): 140,600
Neil Channing (UK): 128,000
Eric Dalby (UK): 125,900
Bruno Fitoussi (France): 123,700

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