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World Series Of Poker Europe Update: Day 1B

Flocks of Poker 'Stars' Head Towards Exit of WSOPE on Day 1B


Day 1B of the World Series of Poker Europe’s £1,500 no-limit hold'em event saw a fresh field of 219 poker facesJeff Kimber whittled down to 46 yesterday as players battled fiercely for the top prize of £144,218.

Heads-up champion Jeff Kimber doubled up early through Hubert Attali. Kimber pushed all in over Attali’s 1,375 bet, and Attali made the call. The flop came 58J. Kimber showed A3 for the flush draw, and Attali revealed J9 for the lower flush and top pair. There was no heart on the horizon, as the turn came the 7, and the A on the river swept Attali to the rail.

Jeff Madsen was eliminated just before the first break, and November Niner Scott Montgomery did not fair any better.

A short-stacked Markus Golser’s timing was off when he decided to shove all in with 82 against his opponent’s pocket aces. Like many, the Austrian will have to wait until Monday for another shot at the WSOPE.

Eliminations continued with a rake of well-known poker faces heading to the rail. Phil Hellmuth, Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott, Mike Matusow, Michael Greco, and Allen Cunningham each saw their tournament lives come to an end before dark.

Irishman Andy Black did well throughout the day. He and Phil Laak had plenty of light-hearted run-ins, but it was time to get serious when Black found a problem with one of Laak’s bets. The two characters started shouting at each other, drawing the attention of tournament director, Steve Frezer. Frezer agreed with Black that Laak’s river raise was a string-bet, and ruled it a call. Laak won the hand regardless.

Jean-Robert Bellande’s war wounds proved fatal after a collision with Adam Junglen. Bellande raised from under the gun, and Remy Biechel called from the button. Junglen took the big guns out with a  reraise, which triggered another raise from Bellande. Biechel was forced to fold, but Junglen moved all in. After a while in the tank, Bellande called with KxJx, but  was dominated by Junglen's AxKx. There were no miracles and Bellande was sent home.

John Phan appeared to be going strong, but late in the day his tasty stack of 50,000 was gradually eaten away. His exit eventually came when he went all in with AQ, and was quickly called by KK. The board did nothing for either player and Phan’s downfall was complete.

Among chip leaders at the end of the day were Adam Junglen, Daniel Nutt, Remy Biechel, and James Akenhead. The 46 survivors combined with the 42 left over from Day 1A, form a leader board which looks something like this:

Adam Junglen 84,200
Daniel Negreanu 74,900
Daniel Nutt 74,500
Jason Gray 72,800
Remy Biechel 65,500
James Akenhead 58,800
Costas Artemi 57,300
David La Ronde 57,000
Brandon Cantu 54,200
Salim Ghozali 52,700

The two forces are set to come together today, and with many of the well-known faces already out, it is set to be an interesting final table. Stay tuned to for all your WSOPE updates.