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WPT: Borgata Poker Open Day 3

The Field Plays Down to 27 on a Short Third Day


Action got started at 11 a.m. EDT at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for day 3 at the 2008 Borgata Poker Open. The $10,000 World Poker Tour no-limit hold’em championship event saw 68 players return from the initial field of 516 players. The 40,000 starting stacks, 75-minute levels, and favorable tournament structure were in place to create a lot of play for the patrons here at Borgata, but it has done little to slow down the tournament field at any point as of yet. More than 230 players busted on day 2, and the short order for 41 players to make their exit today took only five levels.

The money bubble came and went with the smallest amount of deceleration in recent WPT history. The players who fell on the way to the money bubble included Jonathan Little, Joe Sebok, Nick Schulman, Robert Mizrachi, Lee Markholt, Cliff Josephy, and Steve Brecher.

The top 54 players walked away with at least $15,000. The notable money finishers on day 3 included Philadelphia Flyer’s right wing Scottie Upshall (52nd place), Tiffany Michelle (46th place), Justin Scott (44th place), Adam Gerber (39th place), Brandon Cantu (32nd place), Ryan Young (30th place), and the day-3 bubble boy, Vinny Pahuja (28th place).

The final 27 players will return at 11 a.m. EDT tomorrow and play down to a WPT television final table of six. The final table will play on Thursday, Sept. 18, and action will begin at 4 p.m. EDT. The champion will walk away with $1,424,500 in prize money.

Dan HeimillerThe leader board at the end of day 3:

Dan Heimiller: 2,870,000
Vivek Rajkumar: 1,756,000
Thayer Rasmussen: 1,413,000
Steven Levy: 1,317,000
Jason Strochak: 1,266,000
Nick Frangos: 1,140,000
Andrew Knee: 1,091,000
Mark Seif: 1,087,000
Patrick Carney: 1,050,000
Stephen Vanauken: 1,009,000

John Myung (946,000), Michael Binger (718,000), Steve Dannenmann (627,000), Ted Forrest (607,000), Nam Le (235,000), and Chris Bell (165,000) are also all still alive in the tournament heading into day 4.

Here is a look at the major hands of the day as featured in’s live updates:

Joe Sebok Eliminated

After riding a short stack for the last two days, Joe Sebok has been eliminated from the tournament just out of the money.

Sebok was all in with pocket aces and his opponent held pocket jacks. The flop brought a jack, and Sebok was eliminated.

Ryan YoungRyan Young Pulls A Huge Bluff

On a board of K 8 7 Q, Adam Gerber bet 20,000 from the big blind. Ryan Young then raised to 100,000. After deliberating for a minute, Gerber reraised to 220,000.

Young made the call fairly quickly and the river was the 4. Gerber checked and Young instantly moved all in for 410,000. Gerber went deep into the tank.

He counted out his stack and saw that if he was wrong, he will be crippled down to about 45,000 in chips. He stated that he could beat a lot of hands, but can't beat 6-5, which is the nuts. He asked Young if he will show, and Young didn't say a word.

After a bit more thought, Gerber laid it down, and Young showed 10 9 for a busted open-ended straight draw.

Vivek Rajkumar Makes a Sick Call

Howard Appledorf completed from the small blind, and Vivek Rajkumar checked his option. The flop came A 9 9, and Appledorf bet. Rajkumar made the call, and the turn was the J.

Appledorf bet 50,000, and Rajkumar made the call once again.

The river was the K, and Appledorf moved all in for 315,000. Rajkumar went into the tank for at least five minutes. He mentioned how "sick" the situation, was and even questioned, "Seven high?"

After the clock was called on him, Rajkumar called and turned up J 3. Appledorf mucked his hand and was eliminated. Rajkumar then said, "That's got to be one of the sickest calls I've ever made."

Tiffany MichelleTiffany Michelle Eliminated in 46th Place ($15,000)

Tiffany Michelle was all in for her last 120,000 with Q 10 against Michael Binger's A K. The board gave Binger an ace, and Michelle was sent home in 46th place.

This marks her first cash since her deep run in the WSOP main event.

Brandon Cantu Eliminated in 32nd Place ($21,000)

Brandon Cantu moved all in on an ace-high flop holding A-7. The only problem was that his opponent, Steven Levy, was holding A-Q.

To add insult to injury, Levy turned a queen, giving him two pair. Cantu was eliminated in 32nd place, earning $21,000.

Ryan Young Eliminated in 30th Place ($21,000)

Ryan Young was eliminated from the tournament after his pocket jacks ran into Jason Strochak's pocket kings.

Vinny PahujaYoung was one of the chip leaders no more than an hour ago, but a few flips went against him at the wrong times. Young has been quite solid thus far into his early career, winning a gold bracelet in 2007, finishing as runner-up at the 2008 Wynn Classic, and final tabling a WSOP Circuit event.

Vinny Pahuja Eliminated in 28th Place ($21,000)

Vinny Pahuja was all in with Q-10 against Thayer Rasmussen's A-K. The board offered no help to either player, and ace high was good enough to take the pot and eliminate Pahuja in 28th place.

Pahuja currently sits in eighth place in Card Player's Player of the Year race. He will earn no points here but continues to have a strong year, adding $21,000 to his career earnings of $500,000.