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WPT: Borgata Poker Open Day 2

Day Ends Just 14 Spots From the Money


Day 2 of the WPT Borgata Poker Open

Brandon CantuAfter seven slow, tortuous levels yesterday, the final level of the evening really opened things up and over 200 players were lost in total. Returning for day 2, many expected the elimination rate to hit a wall, however, the increasing blinds and multitude of short stacks ensured that the bustout trend would continue. All told, over 230 players hit the rail on the second day of action, leaving just 68 in contention for the $1,424,500 first place prize.

Along the way, some of the best in the game found themselves on the outside looking in, most notably 2007 Card Player Player of the Year David Pham. The Dragon found himself with a large stack and in good position to double up but a bad beat ended his tournament. Bobby Shasta raised to 5,500 from the cutoff and Pham reraised to 16,500 from the big blind. Shasta called and the flop came KQ6. Pham checked and Shasta bet 30,000. Pham took a moment before moving all in for a total of 119,000 or so. Shasta immediately called and immediately regretted his decision when he saw Pham's AA. Shasta had KJ and need some help. The turn was the J and Pham yelled out in disgust. The river was the 9 and Pham was eliminated in a monster pot of nearly 300,000 in chips.

Dan Shak went out to an even tougher beat at the hands of Brandon Cantu. On a flop of J63 Shak got it all in against Cantu. Shak showed 33 and was ahead of Cantu’s A6. Cantu got it in with a pair and a flush draw, but now needed a heart to send Shak home. The turn was the J pairing the board and Shak thought he had locked it up. Cantu did too, and tried to muck his cards. But the river was the J, counterfeiting Shak and shipping the 150,000 pot to Cantu who could hardly believe his luck. Shak sat at the table dumbfounded and the rest of the table silently watched in awe as Cantu stacked his chips.Thayer Rasmussen

The bad beats continued as Thayer Rasmussen lost an opportunity for the chip lead. The button raised and Rasmussen reraised from the big blind. The button then shoved all in for 172,800. Rasmussen instantly called showing A-K and he was happy to see his opponent was dominated with K6. Unfortunately, the board came 10634K and Rasmussen took a huge hit to his stack. Instead of nearly 600,000, he was left with 266,000. Rasmussen ultimately rebounded get his chips back and then some to finish the day as the chip leader with 904,500.

Ryan YoungAnother big stack was determined almost accidently in the early minutes of level 16. A player raised to 20,000 and Ryan Young reraised to 65,000. His opponent moved all in and Young went into the tank with 275,000 behind. After a few moments Young remarked, "I knew I should have just called you," implying that he should have just called the 20,000 raise. The dealer and opponent both heard the word “call” and the cards were suddenly on their backs. His opponent showed AK and seeing that he was in a race situation, Young didn't protest with 99. The board ran out Queen high and he doubled up to 687,000. Young finished the day with 837,700.

The players will reach the money bubble fairly earning tomorrow afternoon where 54 places will be paid. All those who cash will receive $15,000 for the three-day effort. The 14 who fall short won’t take home anything but a story.

Join us tomorrow at 11 a.m. EST as we continue to bring you all your favorite live updates, chip counts, photos, videos and player interviews from the Borgata casino in Atlantic City. Play is scheduled to continue until the final 27 players remain, although if the eliminations come quick they may continue until the final two tables.

Here are the top ten chip counts:

1.  Thayer Rasmussen  -  904,500
2.  Ryan Young  -  837,700
3.  Andrew Knee  -  697,900
4.  Adam Gerber  -  610,000
5.  Sang Kim  -  570,800
6.  Mike Binger  -  521,800
7.  Bo Toft  -  521,800
8.  Farid Elorahim  -  517,400
9.  Dan Heimiller  -  509,900
10.  Unknown Player  -  505,000

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almost 10 years ago

#10 in chip counts is "unknown" ?

If you know how many chips he has, surely you can do him/her the courtesy of finding his name and listing it here.

Then, he'll be known.