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Strip Poker: Chris Webber to Host Tourney at Planet Hollywood

Fans Can Join Celebs This Friday to Play Poker for a Positive Cause


Retired professional basketball player Chris Webber is uniting poker and sports stars on Friday night at Planet Hollywood during C-Webb’s Bada Bling Celebrity Weekend for a charity poker tournament to benefit the Chris Webber Foundation.

Not only will sports icons be in attendance, such as Rip Hamiliton of the Detroit Pistons, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., and the USA Olympic basketball team, but also adding to the excitement is that players will be competing in a different form of poker called No River Hold’em. Introduced by New Poker, no river hold’em is exactly like hold’em, except players are dealt three holecards and there is betting only on the flop and turn. There is no river card. Players can use any combination of cards to make their best five-card hand.

All proceeds are going to the Chris Webber Foundation, an organization founded by Webber himself in an effort to provide educational and recreational opportunities to youth, particularly for those who are disadvantaged.

Preregistration is required to take part in this event. To sign up, find more information, or to make a direct donation to the Chris Webber Foundation, go to