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WPT: Day 1C of the Bellagio Cup

Final Starting Day Attracts Big Field


With a not-so-stellar field size on both days 1A and 1B, the Bellagio Cup IV needed some big results in order to match the success of last year's tournament. As the clock ticked toward noon, the field size continued to rise and rise, eventually getting all the way to 446 entrants when registration ended after the first level. Even though the tournament fell short of last year's 535 players, the increase in buy-in from $10,000 to $15,000 ensured that the prize pool would increase.

When the numbers were finally broken down, it was determined that the 446 entrants generated a prize pool of $6,489,300 spread out amongst the final 100 players. The lion's share of which will go to the winnner, who will pocket $1,673,770. Everyone who cashes in the event will walk away with at least $19,390 for their efforts.

Here's how the day went according to Card Player's live updates page:

Late Additions

As the field size balloons to 434, another table has been added, featuring Sabyl Cohen-Landrum, Sam Farha, Chris Smith, Nenad Medic, Jared Hamby, Minh Nguyen, Nam Le, and Layne Flack.

Luckily for them, the table will be the first to break this afternoon. Unluckily for them, with starting stacks of 45,000 and a really slow blind structure, it could be a while before they get moved.

First Place Announced

Full prize pool information is coming soon, but first place will be taking home over $1.6 million.

After Jack McClelland made the announcement, Shawn Sheikhan let out a loud boo, wondering why 100 players were getting paid in a very flat payout structure. There were some other murmurs throughout the field, but most were happy about that an in-the-money finish would guarantee them around $19,000.

Steve ZolotowHow Did Gobbo Bust?

So, how did Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke bust?

"He had the misfortune of turning the nut flush against me, " said Steve Zolotow.

After flopping a set, Steve Zolotow saw the turn with Jimmy Fricke, and that turn gave Fricke the nut flush. All of the money went in, and the board paired on the river, giving Zolotow the pot and sending Fricke home empty-handed. Zolotow has done well with his chips and has run them up to 114,000.

Joe SebokJoe Sebok Triples, Steve Brecher Crippled

Steve Brecher raised in early position and was called by the cutoff and Joe Sebok in the big blind. The flop came 10 7 3, and Sebok checked. Brecher bet, the cutoff called, and Sebok check-raised all in.

Both Brecher and the cutoff called the all-in bet, and the turn brough the J. Brecher and the cutoff got the rest of their chips all in, and Brecher showed his KK for an overpair to the board. The cutoff showed J 9 for a pair and a straight-flush draw. Sebok revealed his 1010 for a flopped set and the lead in the hand.

The river came down as the 9, and Sebok won the main pot, tripling him up to 36,000. Brecher's kings were cracked by the cutoff's two pair, and he was crippled down to about 7,000 in chips. Brecher was eliminated a few hands later.

Busted Players

Among those who did not survive the day were Kenna James, Robert Mizrachi, Mark Seif, Vinny Vinh, Bertrand Grospellier, James Mackey, Tim West, and Anna Wroblewski.

The remaining 160 players will return tomorrow, combine with the other surviving 166 players, and play five more levels. Join us tomorrow at noon as Card Player brings you all the updates from the Fontana Lounge at Bellagio.