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WSOP: Main Event Q and A -- David "Raptor" Benefield

Benefield Feeling Good on the Way to Day 5 but he Still Realizes There is a Long Way to go


Primarily a high-stakes cash game player, young David Benefield had two deep runs in big buy-in events at this year's World Series of Poker leading up to the main event -- a 13th-place finish in the $10,000 pot-limit hold'em world championship, and a 10th-place finish in the $10,000 pot-limit Omaha world championship. Well, he's at it again. Benefield is one of the final 189 players who will return for day 5 of the $10,000 main event at noon Saturday. Card Player caught up with Benefield at the end of day 4 to get his thoughts on his main event experience.

David BenefieldScott McDaniel: You made it through day 4, but before we talk about that, how did day 3 go for you?

David Benefield: Day 3 was pretty good. I was kind of up and down for a while. Toward the end I did a big suck out. I got it in versus my buddy Ben for like 300k with jacks versus kings. We were playing really aggressive - raise, reraising each other a lot preflop. I hit a jack on the river and sent him home.

SM: It looks like you've got a pretty healthy stack now. Tell me how day 4 went for you?

DB: It started off great. I started the day with 400,000 and chipped up really quick to about 800,000. It was kind of up and down from there. After the third break I ran up to like 1.8 million. I was just winning every single hand. I flopped like two sets and got it in. I flopped the nut straight against an overpair and got it all in. I took a couple beats and now I think I'm around 1.3 million.

SM: How was your table at the end of the night? Chip Jett was at your table. Do you know any of the other guys?

DB: Not really. I just got moved to this table after the last break. Everyone seems to be playing pretty solid.

SM: So how does it feel? You're deep in the main event and on your way to day 5.

DB: Eh, there's still around 200 people left. I'm not getting excited yet, but I feel pretty good.