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WSOP: Alexandre Gomes Wins Event No. 48

Becomes First Brazilian To Win A Bracelet


Alexandre GomesA twenty-five year old attorney from Brazil, Alexandre Gomes walked into the Rio a complete unknown, and left just three days later a world champion of poker and a hero to his hometown of Curitiba , Brazil. This most impressive victory has earned Gomes not only a gold bracelet and $770,540, but it has also earned him the pride of being Brazil’s most earnest poker player, putting him miles ahead of his fellow countrymen atop Brazil’s all time money list. He is now the only Brazilian native to own a World Series of Poker bracelet, and in a Card Player interview with the champ, Gomes explains that, although he has no immediate plans for the money, or for the rest of the Series at that, he can only hope that his recent victory will help him to expand and promote the beloved game of poker in his home country.

In what has affectionately been referred to as “the year of the pro“, it is that very professionalism that sometimes kills the moment and detracts our attention away from what it is that keeps tens of thousands of people coming back to the Rio each summer in droves. It is the allure of money, power and fame. It is the grandeur of challenging the world’s greatest pool of talent, and ending up triumphant.

The final day of event no. 48 was no day at the office for Alexandre Gomes, rather it was a day pure bliss for him and the dozens of friends and family members that supported him from the rail. It was a day of celebration. A day of pride and accomplishment. A day that will transcend time, and a day that will be echoed throughout the halls of the Rio for generations to come. When Alexandre Gomes had finally defeated runner-up Marco "Crazy Marco" Johnson, Gomes and his entourage celebrated his victory in a way that has not been seen in years. They celebrated the way it was meant to be…with cries of laughter and tears of joy, they swarmed the final table, embracing their champion, and waiving their flag.

Here were the chip counts and seating assignments heading into the final table:

Seat 1: Dan Rome - 650,000
Seat 2: Ryan D’Angelo - 520,000
Seat 3: Marco Johnson - 2,135,000
Seat 4: Kirill Gerasimov - 1,145,000
Seat 5: Robert Brewer - 1,050,000
Seat 6: Gabe Costner - 1,475,000
Seat 7: Alan Cutler - 535,000
Seat 8: Alexandre Gomes - 1,075,000
Seat 9: Sverre Sundbo - 685,000

Here are highlights from all of the action, as featured in’s live coverage of the final table:

Sverre Sundbo Doubles Through Gabe Costner

Gabe Costner raised to 110,000 before the flop from late position and Alexandre Gomes called from the button as did Sverre Sundbo from the small blind. The flop came K64, and all three players checked around. The turn was the 7 and Costner bet 180,000. Gomes called and Sundbo raised (check-raise) all in for just about 350,000 more. Costner insta-called the all in raise from Sundbo while Gomes folded after just a few seconds in the tank.

Sundbo: 66
Costner: K8

Costner flopped top pair and turned an inside straight draw while Sundbo flopped middle set. The river was the A and Sundbo more than doubled up to 1.6 million in chips while Costner fell down to just 750,000.

Alan Cutler Doubles Through Sverre Sundbo

Alan Cutler raised to 140,000 from the cutoff and Sverre Sundbo reraised from the small blind for 400,000 more. Cutler reraised all in and Sundbo called.

Cutler: 77
Sundbo: AQ
Board: 106248

Although it was a virtual coin flip, Cutler got it in with the best hand and Sundbo just couldn’t catch up. After the hand Cutler had doubled up to about 1.4 million in chips while Sundbo fell back down to 750,000.

Dan Rome Eliminated in 9th Place ($71,687)Dan Rome

Without any action in front of him, Dan Rome moved all in from the small blind for 475,000 and Ryan D’Angelo called from the big blind.

Rome: 54
D’Angelo: AA
Board: KKQ42

What a spot for Ryan D’Angelo to wake up with aces. Dan Rome was drastically behind D’Angelo heading to the flop, and without any help from the board Dan Rome was the first to fall, eliminated in 9th place ($71,687).

D’Angelo Takes a Big Pot Off of Costner

Ryan D’Angelo completed from the small blind and Gabe Costner checked his option from the big blind. The flop came 762, D’Angelo bet 80,000 and Costner called. The turn was the Q and this time both players checked. The river was the K, and D’Angelo bet 200,000. Costener tanked for a minute or so before calling. D’Angelo turned over 109 for the flopped flush while Costner showed K6 for two pair on the river. D’Angelo moved up to 1.3 million after this hand while Costner fell down to just over 300,000.

Gabe CostnerGabe Costner Eliminated in 8th Place ($103,315)

Robert Brewer came in for a raise of 175,000 and a short stacked Gabe Costner called all in.

Brewer: A10
Costner: A9
Board: K8685

Costner was dominated before the flop and needed some help from the board to stay alive. That help never came and Gabe Costner was eliminated in 8th place ($103,315).

Sverre Sundbo Eliminated in 7th Place ($134,942)

Ryan D’Angelo raised to 125,000 before the flop and Sverre Sundbo reraised all in for just under 950,000. D’Angelo insta-called the raise.

Sundbo: Q6
D’Angelo: AQ
Board: A54105

D’Angelo had Sundbo dominated before the flop and with an ace on board, Sundbo was drawing dead on the turn. D’Angelo gets another strike in the kill column as Sverre Sundbo was eliminated in 7th place ($134,942).

Kirill Gerasimov Eliminated in 6th Place ($177,111)Kirill Gerasimov

Ryan D’Angelo raised to 150,000 and Gerasimov came over the top and shoved all in. D’Angelo called.

Gerasimov: JJ
D’Angelo: AQ
Board: 6557A

Gerasimov certainly got it all in with the best hand, holding up until the river where D’Angelo spiked an ace. Kirill Gerasimov was eliminated in 6th place ($177,111) as Ryan D’Angelo gets his third konck-out of the night.

Alan Cutler Eliminated in 5th Place ($223,497)

In an unsightly turn of events, Alan Cutler had lost most of his chips to Alexadre Gomes after getting it in with top two pair against Gomes’ undercards. Gomes went runner-runner trips to double through Cutler.

The very next hand and Cutler raised to 200,000 from the cutoff and Marco Johnson reraised all in. Cutler called and Johnson had him covered.

Johnson: 55
Cutler: QQ
Board: J526K

Cutler was dominating Johnson before the flop, reducing his opponent to only two outs in the deck. Gomes flopped his set and Cutler was eliminated in 5th place ($223,497). From chip leader to fifth place over the span of just two hands, it is going to be a long ride home for Alan Cutler.

Robert Brewer Eliminated in 4th Place ($274,101)Robert Brewer

Ryan D’Angelo raised to 150,000 before the flop and Robert Brewer called. The flop came K85, and Brewer bet 325,000. D’Angelo made the call and the turn was the 4. D’Angelo moved all in and Brewer called. D’Angelo turned over KK for top set while Brewer showed 107 for the flush draw. The river was the 7 and Robert Brewer was eliminated in 4th place ($274,101). That makes four knock-outs now for D’Angelo.

Ryan D’Angelo Eliminated in 3rd Place ($326,812)

Alexandre Gomes doubled through Ryan D’Angelo a few hands prior, taking the chip lead for the first time today.

Still riled up after Gomes sucked out on the river to steal the chip lead from him, Ryan D’Angelo raised to 150,000 before the flop and Alexandre Gomes moved all in. D’Angelo called and both players turned over their cards.

Gomes: 99
D’Angelo: AQ
Board: 98753

It was a race situation and Gomes all but crossed the finish line right there on the flop, making top set and reducing the former chip leader to going runner-runner. D’Angelo didn’t get there and was eliminated in 3rd place ($326,812) while Gomes realized a 2.5:1 chip lead over Marco Johnson going into heads-up play.

And The There Were Two…

Heads-up play begins with Alexandre Gomes leading Marco Johnson with 6.7 million to 2.55 million.

Marco Johnson Doubles Up, Reclaims Chip Lead

Heads -up play started with Alexandre Gomes (6,700,000) having a 2.5:1 chip lead over Marco Johnson (2,550,000), and after a series of give and take, that is right where they ended up before all the money went in and Johnson doubled up, regaining the chip lead once again.

Marco Johnson raised to 125,000 before the flop and just as Alexandre Gomes announced a raise, Marco Johnson moved all in. Gomes called and the players turned over their cards.

Johnson: JJ
Gomes: AQ
Board: K92J7

It was coin-flip to begin with, Johnson spiking a third jack on the turn and giving Gomes a straight draw. The river was a brick and Marco Johnson doubled up to just iover 5 million while Gomes fell down to just over 4 million. Still anyone’s game as Marco Johnson regains the chip lead yet again.

Gomes Doubles Up, Takes Chip Lead Back

Play slowed down considerably as soon as Marco Johnson took the chip lead back, playing a very methodical style of small ball poker, Johnson began to really chip away at Gomes until he finally shoved with a dominated hand.

Marco Johnson raised to 280,000 from the button and Gomes moved all in. Johnson insta-called and the players turned over their cards.

Johnson: AA
Gomes: A10
Board: K10310J

Johnsosn had Gomes dominated before the flop, where Gomes paired his ten. The Brazilian section of the rail started chanting, “Diez! Diez! Diez!”, calling for a ten in support of Gomes, their fellow countryman. Another ten hit the turn, giving Gomes trip tens and the win. Gomes raked the pot, doubling up 4.8 million as Johnson lost the chip lead and fell down to 4.4million.

Marco JohnsonAlexandre Gomes Wins Event No. 48 ($770,540)

With the chip lead back in his favor, Alexandre Gomes raised to 300,000 before the flop and Marco Johnson reraised all in for just about 300,000 more. Gomes called and the two players turned over their cards.

Johnson: QJ
Gomes: AK
Board: 432A4

Gomes had the best hand before the flop and paired his ace on the turn. Not quite drawing dead, the best Johnson could hope for on the river was a chopped pot if a five hit. Instead it was a four, giving Gomes two pair, one bracelet, and $770,540 in cash. Marco Johnson finished in 2nd place, earning $491,273 for his efforts.