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WSOP: Daniel Negreanu Wins Event No. 20

Negreanu Wins Fourth Bracelet, Gets Richer On Side Bets


Daniel NegreanuThe year of the pro continues, as Daniel Negreanu takes his fourth World Series of Poker bracelet on the heels of a series that has seen the best of the best come out on top. Many final tables thus far have been packed with pros, but the final table of event no. 20, $2,000 limit hold'em, consisted of just one headliner, and Negreanu was enough to fill the Milwaukee's Best Light Lounge to capacity.

Here's a look at the chip counts heading into the final table:

David Baker: 409,000
Ugur Marangoz: 402,000
Daniel Negreanu: 308,000
Greg Woheltz: 301,000
Richard Li: 195,000
Derek Lerner: 133,000
Fu Wong: 67,000
Hien Tran: 58,000
Jeremy Kotler: 47,000

Here are highlights from all of the action, as featured in’s live coverage of the final table:

Hien TranHien Tran Eliminated in Ninth Place ($18,782)

Fu Wong raised and Hien Tran called. The flop came Q107 and Tran checked. Wong bet and Tran called. The turn was the 9 and this time Tran bet. Wong called and the river was the 9. Tran then bet all in for his last 8,000 and Wong made the call with pocket jacks. The jacks were good and J.C.'s brother was sent to the rail in ninth place.


Daniel Negreanu Chips Up with a Flush

Daniel Negreanu raised on the button and was called in the big blind by Richard Li. The flop came 865 and Li bet. Negreanu raised and Li reraised. Negreanu called and the turn was the 7. Li bet and Negreanu called. The river was the 6 and both players checked. Negreanu turned over the 10 for a flush and that was enough to take the pot. After the hand, Negreanu was up to 463,000.

Derek LernerDerek Lerner Eliminated in Eighth Place ($25,334)

Daniel Negreanu raised from the small blind and Derek Lerner reraised from the big blind. Negreanu called and the flop came J63. Negreanu bet, Lerner moved all in and Negreanu made the call. Lerner showed AQ but was reverse-dominated by Negreanu's Q6. The turn and river came 710 and Lerner was eliminated in eighth place.

Greg WohletzGreg Wohletz Eliminated in Seventh Place ($31,886)

Richard Li raised and Ugur Marangoz, Fu Wong called. Greg Wohletz called all in from the big blind and the flop came down 742. Li bet, Marangoz called and Wong raised. Both Li and Marangoz called and the turn was the 8. Wong bet and both Li and Marangoz folded. After Wong took the side pot, he revealed pocket jacks, which had the lead over Wohletz and his K3. The river was the 6 and Wohletz was eliminated in seventh place.

Jeremy KottlerJeremy Kottler Eliminated in Sixth Place ($40,622)

David Baker raised and Jeremy Kottler moved all in for 19,000. Baker made the call and showed Q9 and was slightly behind Kottler's K4. The board ran out A7229 and Baker rivered a nine to eliminatd Kottler in sixth place.

Ugur Marangoz Doubles Through David Baker

David Baker raised and was called by Ugur Marangoz and Daniel Negreanu. The flop came 1086 and Negreanu checked to Baker who bet. Marangoz raised and Negreanu folded. After Baker made the call, the 2 hit the turn. Baker bet, Marangoz raised all in and Baker called. Marangoz showed pocket kings and that was enough when the river was the 3. Marangoz doubled up to 250,000.

Fu WongFu Wong Eliminated in Fifth Place ($51,542)

Daniel Negreanu raised and Fu Wong called in the big blind. The flop came J74 and Wong checked. Negreanu bet, Wong check raised and Negreanu reraised. Wong called and the turn was the 10. Wong checked and Negreanu put him all in. Wong called, turning over 65 for an open-ended straight draw. Negreanu showed QJ for top pair, and it held when the river came 2. Wong was eliminated in fifth place.

Daniel Negreanu Wins a Monster Pot

Daniel Negreanu limped and Richard Li raised. Negreanu called and the flop came 633. Li bet, Negreanu raised and Li called. The turn was the 6 and Negreanu bet again. Li called and the river was the 9. Negreanu bet, Li called and Negreanu showed his six for a full house to take the pot.

Richard Li Doubles Through Daniel Negreanu

Richard Li was all in preflop holding 64 against the A10 of Daniel Negreanu. The board ran out JJ584 and Li rivered a four to double up to about 220,000. Shortly after the hand, Li was crippled by Baker.

Richard LiRichard Li Eliminated in Fourth Place ($63,335)

Richard Li raised, Ugur Marangoz reraised and Li called. The flop came Q72 and Marangoz bet. Li called and the turn was the 8. Li moved all in and Marangoz called. Li showed K5 for a flush draw, but was behind to Marangoz and his pocket nines. The river was the 5 and Li was eliminated in fourth place.

Daniel Negreanu Chips Up on the Short Stack

Ugur Marangoz raised in the small blind and Daniel Negreanu made the call. The flop came K95 and Marangoz bet. Negreanu called and the turn was the 2. Marangoz checked and Negreanu bet was called. The river was the 4 and Marangoz checked. Negreanu bet, Marangoz raised and Negreanu reraised. Marangoz called and found out that his 5-4 for two pair was second best to Negreanu's K-4. The pot put Negreanu out of danger for the time being.

Ace High Good For Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu raised in the small blind and David Baker made the call in the big blind. The flop came 964 and Negreanu bet. Baker called and the turn was the 2. Both player checked and the river was the 6. Negreanu bet, Baker raised and Negreanu thought for a bit before calling. Negreanu showed his A-K and it was good enough to win the pot.

David BakerDavid Baker Eliminated in Third Place ($78,624)

Daniel Negreanu raised and David Baker called. The flop came 1082 and Negreanu bet. Baker called and the turn was the A. Negreanu bet, Baker raised and Negreanu called. The river was the 9 and Negreanu put Baker all in. Baker called and saw the bad news that Negreanu held Q-J for a straight. Baker was eliminated in third place.

Negreanu Wins a Monster Pot, Takes Massive Chip Lead

On a flop of A52, Ugar Marangoz led out and Negreanu called. The turn was the K and Marangoz checked to Negreanu who made a bet. Marangoz raised (check-raise), Negreanu reraised, Marangoz made it four bets, and Negreanu called. The river was the 5, and Marangoz checked. Negreanu bet and Marangoz called. Negreanu turned over the flush, raking a monster pot and taking a massive chip lead over his opponent. After the hand, Negreanu had a little over 1.5 million while Marangoz had just under 300,000.

Ugur MarangozDaniel Negreanu Wins Event No. 20 ($204,434)

Daniel Negreanu limped from the button and Ugur Marangoz checked his option from the big blind. the flop came K55, and both players checked. The turn was the Q, and once again both players checked. The river was the 3 and Marangoz bet out. Negreanu raised, putting his opponent all in, and Marangoz made the call. Negreanu turned over 95, showing trip fives. Marangoz threw his hand into the muck as Daniel Negreanu wins his 4th WSOP Bracelet. Negreanu takes the top prize o $204,434 while runner-up Ugur Marangoz settles for 2nd place and $126,671.

After hugging his mother and high-fiving the crowd, Negreanu exclaimed, "Negreanu - 1, Ivey - 0." Negreanu was referring to his prop bet with Phil Ivey, involving who would win the most bracelets at this year's series. Ivey must now match Negreanu, or else be out $200,000.



almost 13 years ago

Another big name pro winning a bracelet. I'm really glad for Daniel. He is a nice guy and great ambassador of the game. One of my fav and he was long overdue.


almost 13 years ago

bro ur so sick! i saw u in the interview after day one and u were so determand to win it, im so glad u did.... in my books ur the best out there buddy!!