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WSOP: Andrew Brown Wins Event No. 16

Brown Eliminates Six En Route to his First Gold Bracelet - Ted Forrest Runner Up


Once again the final day of an event at the World Series of Poker began with two final tables that had players gearing up for the long haul. One player who might have thought he had a short day in store was Jim Pechac. He began the day with two 1,000 chips in front of him. But throughout the day he channeled Jack "Treetop" Straus and put on his best performance to pull off a "two-chips-and-a-chair comeback performance." He eventually fell in third place, leaving Ted Forrest and Andrew Brown to fight things out heads up. Also lost along the way at the final table were big names Jimmy Fricke (9th), Scott Clements (7th), and Ralph Perry (6th).

In the end it was Brown who won the gold bracelet and $226,448 in prize money. The chip lead changed hands three times during the course of the final heads-up match that lasted over an hour-and-a-half. Forrest and Brown both looked focused and committed to play on for hours, but lady luck played her hand in the final proceedings. Brown spoiled Forrest's chance to join the exclusive six-bracelet club by winning his first.

Here are highlights from all of the action, as featured in’s live coverage of the final table:

Jimmy Fricke Eliminated in Ninth Place ($21,136)

Jimmy Fricke raised preflop and Andrew Brown reraised to put Fricke all in. Fricke made the call and they turned up their cards:

Fricke: A K Q 6
Brown: 9 6 4 3

Board: J 7 3 9 6

Fricke was eliminated in ninth place, and he took home $21,136 in prize money.

Allan Enciso Eliminated in Eighth Place ($28,684)

Allan Enciso moved all in preflop and both Ted Forrest and Scott Clements called him down. The two bet, checked, and raised to build a sizeable side pot while the board ran out Q 3 2 8 K. Their cards at the end:

Clements: A J 9 4
Forrest: K K 6 3
Enciso: mucked

Forrest took down the hand and Enciso was eliminated in eighth place. He took home $28,684 in prize money.

The Fall and Rise of Forrest

Ted Forrest called a raise from Andrew Brown preflop, and Kia Hooshmand made the call as well. The flop rolled out 7 5 4 and Brown bet. Forrest made the call and the turn brought the Q. Both players checked and the K came off as the last card on the board. Forrest bet and Brown called. He turned up A K 7 3 and Forrest mucked his hand. The loss knocked him down to 400,000, while Brown climbed above 500,000.

Forrest was knocked down even further to 240,000 before ending his dive down the leader board and turning things around.

Ralph Perry raised preflop and Forrest made the call. The flop read K Q 10 and Forrest opened the action. Perry raised and Forrest made the call. The 9 fell on the turn and Forrest led out again. Once again Perry put in a raises and Forrest made the call. They then checked the 8 on the river and Forrest turned up K J J 10. Perry mucked and Forrest was back in contention once again. He kept the hot streak going and went into the dinner break as the chip leader.

Scott Clements Eliminated in Seventh Place ($36,233)

Scott Clements opened the action with a raise and Ted Forrest reraised. Andrew Brown made the call and Clements reraised all in. Both of his opponents made the call and the board hit the table J 5 4 Q 5. Brown opened up his hand on the end and revealed A K Q 5. This caused both Forrest and Clements to muck their hands and Clements was busted out of the tournament. He finished in seventh place and took home $36,233 in prize money.

Ralph Perry Ralph Perry Eliminated in Sixth Place ($46,297)

Ralph Perry moved all in for 15,000 preflop and the trio of Brown, Forrest, and Soheil Shamseddin called him down. Perry could only observe his fate as the flop rolled out K 9 7. Brown bet out and Shamseddin made the call. Forrest got out of the way and the turn delivered the 4. Brown bet and Shamseddin called again before the river finished the board of fwith the J. Brown bet out and Shamseddin called for the third time. Brown turned over 7 7 3 2. Perry and Shamseddin both mucked and Perry was eliminated from the tournament in sixth place. He was awarded $46,297 in prize money.

Kia Hooshmand Eliminated in Fiftth Place ($58,878)

Ted Forrest raised and then Kia Hooshmand reraised all in for 45,000. Forrest made the call and they turned up their hands:

Forrest: A 10 7 2
Hooshmand: A 9 8 2

Board: A J 4 4 10

Hooshmand was eliminated on the hand, and he took home $58,878 in prize money.

Soheil Shamseddin Eliminated in Fourth Place ($71,962)

Soheil Shamseddin was crippled when Jim Pechac scooped a pot with an ace-high flush against him. A few hands later, Shamseddin moved all in on a flop of K 5 5. Both Pechac and Andrew Brown made the call. The 2 fell on the turn and Brown bet. Pechac mucked and the final two players turned up their hands:

Brown: 9 6 2 2
Shamseddin: A Q 8 6

River: J

Shamseddin was eliminated on the hand in fourth place, and he took home $71,962 in prize money.

Jim PechacJim Pechac Eliminated in Third Place ($88,065)

Andrew Brown raised and Jim Pechac reraised all in for 120,000. The two players then turned up their cards:

Brown: J 6 4 3
Pechac: Q Q 8 5

Board: K 5 4 6 J

Pechac was eliminated on the hand in third place, and he earned a well deserved $88,065. Pechac came into the day with just 2,000 chips to his name. He pulled off an amazing comeback to make the final table, and then continued that run to a third-place finish.

Ted Forrest Eliminated in Second Place ($226,448)

Ted Forrest held the lead when the heads-up match began. He had also taken to getting up from his chair and walking a wide cricle around it between pots. Andrew Brown looked to be unfazed by all of this as he took control of the match and jumped into the chip lead. Forrest regained the chip lead just slightly for a few minutes, but then Brown took control of the match again. Brown never gave that lead back as he began to lean on Forrest and showed no signs of slowing down as the tournament played late into the night.

Andrew BrownFinally, a few minutes before 3 a.m. Forest opened a pot for a raise and Brown made the call. The flop hit the table A J 9 and Forrest led out. Brown called and the turn brought the 8. A repeat of the prior street's action ensued and the river rolled out the 2. Forrest put one last bet in for his final 85,000 and Brown quickly trailed him into the pot. They then flipped up their hands:

Brown: J 5 4 2
Forrest: A Q 7 4

Forrest was eliminated in second place, and he fell just short of winning his sixth gold bracelet. He took home $143,421 in consolation prize money. Brown took home $226,448 for the strong final-table performance he orchestrated as wel as his first gold bracelet. Brown sent six of his opponents to the rail during the course of the final table and did not panic against a high-profile opponent who held the chip lead when they got to the final battle.