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From the EPT Grand Final: Freddy Deeb

Deeb Talks About His Stack Going Into the Day and What He Plans to Do With His Winnings


Freddy Deeb is in the money in the EPT Grand FinalSaying that Freddy Deeb’s tournament earnings are impressive is a vast understatement. The Las Vegas resident boasts more than $5.8 million in winnings over the course of his poker career. Deeb has pocketed cash in major tournaments all over the world, but before the 2008 European Poker Tour Grand Final, he had yet to finish in the money in an EPT event. Deeb came in 30th today in Monte Carlo and earned $66,564. Card Player spoke to Deeb before day 4 play began.

Lizzy Harrison: There are only 39 players remaining; how does play change at this stage of a tournament?

Freddy Deeb: Players feel lucky to be there on day 4. I have half of the average in chips, but I still feel good. Hopefully I can manage to make the final table. I can’t worry about winning it until I make it to the final table.

LH: How does your play change when you are on the short stack?

FD: I always move my chips pretty well, but it really all depends on the players at my table. I have to figure out if the players are playing fast or playing slow. I hope that they are tight players! I did not look at their names, but I did look at the stacks. I like my table, because they nobody has a heavy stack. That means that they will not be trying to run over the table. That is pretty good for me.

LH: Do the players here differ much from the players back in the States?

FD: The fields are the same everywhere. There are good players and there are bad players all over the world. There is no difference; poker is poker.

LH: Have you played with any specific players here that have impressed you?

FD: Quite a few; I have played with lots of players that I have never played with before. There are a lot of good players, but I don’t know their names, specifically. I sit at the table with seven or eight other players, and I watch everyone. Once in a while, I will see someone whom I have never seen before and they will make a few plays that will impress me.

LH: You’re already in the money here; are you going to wait for a better exchange rate before you bring your winnings home?

FD: I don’t know, I might just keep it in Europe. Or maybe I will split it in half [laughing].