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U.S. PokerBowl Finale Tuesday

Teams Cincinnati, Detroit, St. Louis, and Hollywood Advance

Paul WolfeThe two remaining conferences in the U.S. PokerBowl met Monday to determine which two teams would advance to Tuesday's finale. The first conference to play was the Southern Conference, and it featured teams from: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Cincinnati, and Miami. The story of the day was Cincinnati, which sent three players to the final table.

The full final table roster was as follows:

1. Team Miami - Tom Dwan - $32,100
2. Team Dallas - Rodeen Talebi - $16,400
3. Team Atlanta - Greg Mueller - $67,200
4. Team Houston - Michael Binger - $16,400
5. Team Houston - Gabe Thaler - $48,300
6. Team Cincinnati - Steve Kingsley - $38,600
7. Team Cincinnati - Ari Goldstein - $27,400
8. Team Atlanta - Paul Wolfe - $40,500
9. Team Cincinnati - Steve Dannenmann - $12,900

With play down to four players, Cincinnati claimed three of them, the fourth was Paul Wolfe of Team Atlanta. Wolfe put forth a valiant effort, but the trio from Cincy proved to be too much, making short work of Wolfe. Cincinnati will represent the Southern Conference in the finale.

The California Conference played out quite differently, with the final five players representing five different teams. The full final table was:

1. Team Oakland - Paul Wasicka - $11,800
2. Team San Francisco - David Ramirez - $20,000
3. Team San Francisco - Luke Desantos - $38,000
4. Team San Diego - Jordan Morgan - $45,300
5. Team Los Angeles -Theo Tran - $42,900
6. Team Oakland - Ron Myers - $43,000
7. Team San Diego - Jared Hubbard - $40,100
8. Team San Diego - Phil Eldman - $24,900
9. Team San Diego - Alex Jacob - $42,900

Theo Tran Phil Eldman picked up a nice run of cards and won a massive coin-flip against Jordan Morgan late to take a commanding chip lead. After finishing off Morgan, all that remained in Eldman's way was Theo Tran. The two tangled heads up for about half an hour before the final hand. Eldman moved all in with 8 6 on a board Q J 3 A and was called by Tran with Q 10. The river bricked out and Eldman took down the pot and the tournament, advancing Team Hollywood.

Four of the five conferences in the U.S. PokerBowl have been set. The advancing teams, by conference, are:

South: Team Cincinnati - Steve Zoine, Vinny Napolitano, Steve Dannenmann, Steve Kingsley, Chris Manzo, Ari Goldstein

East: Team Detroit - Mark Seif, Nick Brancato, Rick Fuller, Scotty Nguyen, Kenna James, Kathy Liebert

West: Team St. Louis - Anna Wroblewski, Joe Tehan, John Kimm, Adam Gerber, Hank Sitton, Allen Kessler

Team Hollywood - Chip Jett, Karina Jett, Jean-Robert Bellande, Brandon Adams, Kirk Morrison, Phil Eldman

North: To be determined Tuesday at 10 a.m PT.

Here are the final table players in the Northern Conference and their chip counts:

1. Team Chicago - Shannon Shorr - $45,100
2. Team New Jersey - Eric Lynch - $38,800
3. Team New Jersey - Scott Pendergrast - $36,000
4. Team Minnesota - Cody Slaubaugh - $35,500
5. Team Minnesota - Scott Clements - $35,100
6. Team Seattle - Keith Bartlett - $32,400
7. Team New Jersey - Shannon Pendergrast - $31,600
8. Team Cleveland - Justin Bonomo - $26,100
9. Team Chicago - Jonathon Little - $19,400

Coverage of the Northern Conference final table will begin at 10 a.m. PT. That will be followed by the U.S. PokerBowl finale
later in the day. Stay tuned to for all of your exclusive photos, chip counts, and live updates.