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Doug Polk, Lodge Owners Purchase San Antonio Poker Room

Plans Call To Expand In Texas, Starting With Former ‘Rounders’ Location


Rounders Card ClubAfter recently getting turned down by a Dallas-area suburb for a poker room, Doug Polk and other owners of the Lodge Poker Club in Round Rock, Texas, announced Wednesday that they were purchasing Rounders Card Club in San Antonio.

The Lodge will take over operations on July 3 with the card room initially remaining in the current location. However, the Lodge plans to relocate the club to a vacant retail location next door that was formerly an Office Depot. The move would allow the club to double the number of tables available and also build a 4,000-square foot restaurant.

“Lodge Card Club’s long-term goal is to offer poker to as many people as possible, starting with the largest cities in Texas and expanding from there,” Polk noted in a news release announcing the deal. “San Antonio, the third largest city in the state, is a perfect place for our second location. We ultimately decided that, rather than trying to start from scratch, it made sense to acquire the largest room, then try to make improvements.”

A Look At What’s Ahead

Poker clubs continue to grow in number across the Lone Star State, although there has been some pushback concerning legality, especially in north Texas. Rounders is the largest club currently in San Antonio.

The Lodge ownership group said that operations will not be interrupted and that tournaments and cash games would continue.

The deal also included the addition of a new investor in the property, a regular cash game player from some of the Lodge’s live streams.

“A key part of this expansion was to include local investors,” Polk said. “We’re happy to announce that San Antonio local Chaz Gill, otherwise known as Big Daddy Chaz, has come on board as an investor/partner and to help advise us on fulfilling the needs and wants of the local poker community.”

As part of the purchase, the Lodge also announced a $1-$2 meet up game on July 26 featuring poker vloggers and Lodge co-owners Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme to celebrate the acquisition. That will be followed by a $300 tournament on July 27 with a $50,000 guarantee.