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Montreal Casino Pays Out $1.8 Million Bad Beat Jackpot

Playground Poker Club Hits Another Seven-Figure Prize


The Playground Poker Club in Montreal has become the home for monstrous bad beat jackpots over the last few years and the property once again registered another seven-figure payout last Friday.

The hand in question saw one player rake a pot with a straight flush with the loser in the hand holding four of a kind. However, a bad beat jackpot rewards the “loser” of these massive hands with a sizable payout, so that means a share of CAD $1.8 million ($1.3 million USD).

A Look At The Hand

Playground staff posted a photo of the bad beat on social media, and although the exact details of the hand haven’t been released, the photo shows one player hitting a straight flush in spades holding 8Spade Suit7Spade Suit with the hand’s loser holding pocket jacks and making quads.

A bad beat jackpot is awarded to a cash game player who loses a hand with a premium hand to an even better premium hand. The house takes out a dollar from each hand and the bad beat pool continues to build until paying out, similar to a progressive slot machine. The qualifying hands vary by property.

The Playground post didn’t list the exact payouts for each player, but based on previous payouts at the property, 40% of the jackpot goes to the “loser” of the hand, about CAD $720,000 ($530,113 USD). Another 20% went to the winner ($265,056 USD).

Another 20% is paid out to the other players at the table. If the table had a full nine players, that means the other seven players would cash in for a little over CAD $51,000 ($37,550 USD) each. The poker room also pays out the final 20% among all the other cash game players who were at a table at the time, giving everyone in the room something to celebrate.

Just The Latest Jackpot For Playground

Seven-figure bad beat jackpots have become the norm for Playground. In October, the poker club paid out a CAD $1.3 million ($957,149 USD) jackpot with the hand’s loser grabbing CAD $537,627 ($392,666) and the winner CAD $216,814 ($158,354 USD).

That came after the property beat its own jackpot record in August. The jackpot reached CAD $2.6 million with CAD $1 million ($774,000 USD) going to the loser and CAD $518,037 ($387,042) going to the winner.