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Playground Poker Breaks Own Record For Largest Bad Beat Jackpot With CAD $2.6 Million Payout

Losing Player Banks CAD $1 Million After Quad Tens Get Cracked By Straight Flush


Playground Poker, a 75-table cardroom in Quebec, Canada, broke their own record this week with a massive CAD $2.6 million bad beat jackpot.

Although details of the hand and the players involved were not shared, the jackpot was triggered when one player’s flopped quad tens (10Club Suit 10Spade Suit) were cracked by a turned straight flush (9Diamond Suit 6Diamond Suit) on a board reading 8Diamond Suit 10Heart Suit 10Diamond Suit 7Diamond Suit 2Diamond Suit.

Two Lucky Winners credit - Playground PokerThe hand occurred during a low-stakes $1-$2 no-limit hold’em cash game, and it didn’t appear that there was much more than few hundred dollars in the pot, but that was plenty enough to qualify for some life-changing payouts.

According to the Playground Poker bad beat jackpot rules. on their website, the losing player was entitled to 40% of the CAD $2,590,185 total prizepool, which in this case amounted to CAD $1,036,074 ($774,084 USD).

The player with the straight flush took home 20%, or CAD $518,037 ($387,042), and everyone else at the table split another 20%.

The final 20% was divided among all other players at the casino who were playing in a hold’em game at the time, giving the whole room something to celebrate. Even the dealers were happy, as the staff gets to split 5% of the jackpot.

The payout breaks the previous record, also set by Playground Poker back in June of 2022, which was worth CAD $2,228,425.

Once the latest bad beat hit, a backup jackpot was immediately activated which had already been reseeded to CAD $700,863.

Playground Poker funds their promotions by taking $2 from each cash game pot. A portion is allocated to the bad beat jackpot, another portion goes towards other cash game bonuses, and the remainder is saved to reseed backup bad beat jackpot.