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Boxer Ryan Garcia Rumored To Face Big Poker Debts

Some Insiders Concerned With His Well-Being


Ryan GarciaMany athletes have been known to spend some time at the poker table – from soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo to MLB slugger Jose Canseco to Pro Football Hall of Famer Richard Seymour. Carrying that competitive skill on the field or court to the poker table can come with some mixed results.

Recent reports note that boxer Ryan Garcia, 25, may not be finding the types of results at the table as he has found in the ring. Poker player and boxing fan Brian “True Geordie” Davis recently spoke about the topic on his popular YouTube channel.

“It has been speculated that he has massive gambling debts,” he said on the video. Davis also noted that fellow boxer and poker player Bryce Hall said on a previous episode that Garcia “was millions of pounds in debt from poker.”

Poker Losses

Davis aired his concerns that the former WBC lightweight champion was facing too much at the moment and shouldn’t be allowed in the ring.

Many observers in the boxing world have been concerned about Garcia posting strange comments on social media over the last few weeks, even saying that his phone and credit cards have been taken from him. Along with the poker debt, Davis also hinted that the boxer may have substance abuse issues.

The YouTuber argued that Garcia needs some help and those surrounding him should step in, including his promoter, 11-time world champion boxer Oscar de la Hoya. That may not be easy as there has been some friction. between the two in recent weeks as well.

“Fame isn’t for everyone, even at my low level,” Davis said of the boxer. “It’s not easy, so God only knows how hard some of these people find it at this age.”

Boxer Denies Any Problems

Garcia has been one of boxing’s young superstars and also has $59,000 in live poker tournament winnings, including a cash in the 2023 World Series of Poker main event for $32,500.

However, Davis and Hall allege significant poker losses. The boxer has denied any hardship and has sought to reassure fans about his safety. He is apparently looking forward to getting back to the business of pugilism with an upcoming fight planned for April, although some in the industry urge him to back out.

The New York State Athletics Commission has since requested Garcia undergo a mental health evaluation, and Garcia has responded with threats of a lawsuit.

Garcia recently noted on Twitter: “One thing boxing has taught me is that you can heal yourself from anything.”

Photo: Twitter/X