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Lost Winning Powerball Ticket Resurfaces Months Later

Man’s Wife Thought She’d Thrown $50,000 Winner In Trash


Perdue Family WinningsGood things come to those who wait – even if that waiting isn’t always intentional. A Kentucky couple are counting their blessings after eventually locating a Powerball lottery ticket worth $50,000.

Mark Perdue, of Bowling Green, purchased the ticket in October at a convenience store he regularly visits. On a later trip to the store, he was informed that he scored a nice win in the drawing. The store had reviewed security video to determine who won, but Perdue was unaware and couldn’t find the ticket.

“I’ve been beating myself up for three months thinking I threw this ticket away,” his wife said. “I did throw a ticket away, but it was an older ticket. Then I convinced myself maybe it was this ticket.”

Finding The Five-Figure Ticket

Perdue works as the president of an automotive parts supplier and a chance event eventually led to the ticket’s recovery. An employee from another plant was visiting in early February and was set to use a company car.

Perdue and the plant manager checked out the vehicle the visiting employee was supposed to use and the manager hopped in the front seat. That’s when the winning ticket “reappeared.”

“I looked down and saw it,” Perdue said. “I picked it up and I saw October 30th and I said, ‘That’s my ticket!’”

Perdue told Kentucky Lottery officials that the company cars are seldom used and that the ticket may have fallen out of his pocket the last time he was in that vehicle months ago.

“I don’t know how long it might have sat out there if I hadn’t needed the car,” Perdue said. “I was shaking a little bit.”

After retrieving the winning ticket, he took a photo and sent to his wife – who was relieved to learn that she hadn’t thrown out a winner.

The Perdues headed to lottery headquarters the next day and took home $36,000 after taxes. That night after receiving their winnings, Perdue’s wife asked him what he wanted to do with the winnings. She joked, “You’ve only had three months to think about it.” They now plan to pay off some bills and possibly take a vacation.

This isn’t the only lottery mishap that has turned out to have a happy ending in recent months. In December, a man in Michigan hoped to purchase several tickets in the state’s “Lucky for Life” lottery but was instead given a series of random numbers for the same drawing. He decided to accept those tickets anyway, and scored a win of $390,000.

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