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Shaun Deeb Grabs $800K In Weight Loss Prop Bet Buyout

Six-Time Bracelet Winner Vows To Keep Working Towards Fitness Goal


The world of poker has seen numerous weight loss prop bets over the years and Shaun Deeb has become the latest poker player to shed some pounds and score some cash in the process.

Deeb originally made the wager with high-stakes poker player and entrepreneur Bill Perkins in March, putting up $100,000 to Perkins’ $1 million. However, the two have now settled with Deeb collecting $800,000 as part of the buyout.

“There was never a minute I considered quitting,” Deeb noted on Twitter. “I knew how much time I put in. I wasn’t ever going to let that go to waste. I’ve always been a volume/long term thinker of EV (expected value). This bet was just perfect for my grinding mindset.”

Making A Deal

The original wager proposed that Deeb would need to get to 17% body fat by the start of this year’s World Series of Poker, having started at more than 40%. That gave Deeb 14 months to meet the challenge. If not, he would have to cough up the $100,000 to Perkins.

The high-stakes pro got serious about the bet, documenting his fitness journey on Twitter and on his YouTube channel “MillionDollarDeeb.” In September, Deeb detailed the entire wager and how it came about in Card Player’s Poker Stories Podcast.

With the pounds still melting away, Perkins could see the writing on the wall and proposed a buyout. Last week, Deeb said he and his wife discussed whether to accept a buyout offer and ultimately agreed to $800,000. That adds to his live tournament winnings of $12.3 million. The 37-year-old high-stakes player also has six World Series of Poker bracelets.

Perkins had previously won a weight-loss bet with Doug Polk, pocketing $200,000 when Polk failed to meet his target.

Even though the bet is wrapped up, Deeb is still determined to reach his fitness goals. He’s also willing to accept more wagers on whether he will ultimately get there.

“I’m still working toward my goal of 17% (body fat),” he noted on Twitter. “I’m going to get there to show my kids that if I can do this, they can do plenty of things people say are too hard or impossible. I initially thought to not announce the buyout since I am determined to reach the goal, but too many people have side action to not let them know that Bill bought out and at what percentage.

“And if anyone doubts me on still getting there, I’m open to taking a lot more bets on myself. Anyone who needs advice on their own goals, feel free to reach out – if I can’t help, I can direct you to someone who can.”

Deeb did allow himself to shave his long beard and hair. He had previously grown it out in the hopes that it’s added weight would help him meet his body-fat percentage.