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The New Poker Face? Beyonce Drops ‘Texas Hold’em’ Track

Poker-Themed Song Will Be Part Of Upcoming New Country Music Album


Poker has been an inspiration for songwriters and singers for years – from Kenny Rogers belting out “The Gamber” to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” to O.A.R’s “That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker.” Even Garth Brooks weighed in on the subject with “Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House” and Johnny Cash references finding his father in a poker game in the classic “A Boy Named Sue.”

Now you can add Beyonce to that list of artists singing about some card playing. The 32-time Grammy winner announced a new album as part of a Super Bowl ad on Sunday and also dropped a new track in the process called “Texas Hold’em.”

Poker & Texas Lyrics

The country-tinged tune offers some new territory for Beyonce with “Hold’em” featuring banjo and acoustic guitar. Noted North Carolina folk and country performer Rhiannon Giddens provided the banjo playing on the track.

“Texas Hold ’em” is seen by some as an homage to Beyonce’s hometown of Houston, Texas. The song makes numerous references to things some might see as synonymous with the Lone Star State including country dancing (as in a hoedown), whiskey, and more. Obviously, Texas Hold’em is also part of the song and the chorus includes the lines:

“This ain’t Texas,
Ain’t no hold ’em,
So lay your cards down, down, down, down.”

Whether Beyonce is a poker player herself isn’t known, but she does wear a cowboy hat in the image accompanying the new song on YouTube. By Wednesday morning, “Hold ‘em” had already been viewed nearly 4 million times between the official lyric and visualizer videos.

The new album, titled Act II, is expected to be a complete country-themed work. Beyonce’s new sound has received some mixed reaction among those in the country music industry, however. While some have welcomed “Queen Bey” to the genre, a station in Oklahoma recently refused to play the song.