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Lucky Player Lands Six-Figure Jackpot For 21st Birthday

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Royal Flush Brings $362K For Ohio Tourist


Most casino gamblers wait years and years, hoping for a massive jackpot on a slot machine or table game. With the odds so stacked against them, seeing those symbols line up perfectly on the reels or a huge bonus payout may not ever come.

However, one recent Las Vegas visitor didn’t have to wait long to score big after just turning 21. Celebrating his birthday in Sin City and now just old enough to gamble, Damon Howell from Union City, Ohio, had even more to celebrate after scoring a mega progressive jackpot in Ultimate Texas Hold’em while playing at O’Sheas Casino on the Strip.

He was dealt a royal flush and the feat rewarded Howell with a payout of $362,640.

A Caesars Entertainment spokesman said Howell was overwhelmed by the win. The birthday boy initially believed the jackpot wasn’t real and that he was “too young to figure out” what to do with his newfound cash. However, Howell later added that he would likely buy a house with his winnings.

Winning Big

Unlike traditional poker games, Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a house-backed casino game where players make “blind” and “ante” bets as well as an optional bonus wager, which brings bigger payouts when drawing three of a kind or better.

Players and the dealer receive two hole cards. Players can bet up to four times their ante bet before seeing the turn. Players can then bet as much as twice their bet and then an amount equal to the ante on the river.

A player’s hand must then beat the dealer’s hand to scoop the pot. Payouts are based on pay tables with premium hands paying out more. Games also often include an optional progressive jackpot wager like the one that Howell won.

Wizard of Odds puts the odds of pulling a royal flush in the game at 0.000002%. In most cases, a royal flush pays out 100% of the progressive jackpot and a straight flush pays out 10%.

*Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment