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Maine Casino Accidentally Emails Free Play To Numerous Players

Players Angry When Offer Was Rescinded


What gambler wouldn’t like some free slot play? The chance at some cash with no strings attached is an enticing promotion that casinos often use to get players in the door.

However, a casino in Maine recently found itself in hot water after accidentally emailing a notice to numerous casino guests announcing that they’d won $250 in free play. Oxford Casino later rescinded the offer, leaving many ruffled feathers and frustrated gamblers.

No Free Play For You

Free play allows gamblers a certain number of spins or amount to take part in some casino play without spending a dime in the machine. Players are free to keep any winnings accrued during this session.

The Oxford Casino has a weekly promotion where five regular visitors are awarded with some free play. Last week’s emails, however, mistakenly went to a lot more players than that, leaving the casino on the hook for a bunch of cash.

“On Jan. 10, five patrons were randomly selected and received an email correctly notifying them that they were a winner,” Oxford Casino general manager Matt Gallagher said. “Unfortunately, the same email was incorrectly sent to a number of patrons who were not winners. This was the result of a human error.”

Casino management later apologized and was given approval by the state’s Gambling Control Unit to take back the original promotion. The exact number of guests that received the email isn’t known, but the entire ordeal left some players bothered that the offer was taken off the table.

“I think they should honor their commitment and give everyone the free slot play,” Luis Felipe told FOX-23 Maine. “It would be a good gesture and win for them because people would likely take advantage of it and come and spend even more money with them.”

This isn’t the first, nor will it be the last, mistake made by casinos when it comes to payouts or opportunities for players. In 2013, Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati mistakenly awarded a $1 million prize to a man named Kevin Lewis as part of a loyalty card contest. When the real Kevin Lewis came forward, the casino was forced to cough up an extra million bucks.