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Euro Poker: Sander Lylloff Wins EPT Barcelona Open

Dane Beats Brit Mark Teltscher to Scoop €1,170,700 First Prize at EPT Barcelona Open


Sander Lylloff, from Copenhagen, Denmark, today won the European Poker Tour in Barcelona, collecting €1,170,700 for his victory. He beat his friend, roommate, and EPT London season two winner Mark Teltscher heads up after the Brit got all his chips in preflop with K-K but was bested by the Dane's J-10 which picked up two jacks from the board.

The tournament, which saw 543 players participate, resumed at 3:30 p.m local time with 13 players:

  1. Nikolaus Jedlicka (Austria) €879,000
  2. Mika Paasonen (Finland) €715,000
  3. Sander Lylloff (Denmark) €646,000
  4. Juan Maceiras (Spain) €585,000
  5. Mark Teltscher (UK) €533,000
  6. Adam Junglen (USA) €419,000
  7. Tronde Eidsvig (Norway) €339,000
  8. Mohamad Kowssarie (Sweden) €294,000
  9. Patrick Bruel (France) €270,000
  10. Voitto Rintala (Finland) €253,000
  11. Davidi Kitai (Belgium) €219,000
  12. Greg Dyer (USA) €155,000
  13. Philip Yeh (Sweden) €116,000

The first few minutes saw Voitto Rintala bust in 13th for €33,450 when his 9-7 was trumped by Greg Dyer's A-9 and was followed shortly afterwards by Philip Yeh in 12th for €46,000 whose 6-4 ran into David Kitai's A-K.

Kitai was next to fall in 11th when his promising Q-Q did not improve against Sandor Lylloff's A-A but he picked up €46,000 for his efforts. Mohamad "TerrorOfSweden" Kowssarie was chip leader at the start of day three, but exited in 10th when his preflop push with Q-3 found Greg Dyer with A-K, and he hit the rail to collect €64,800.

Hometown favorite Juan Maceiras' run towards the final table foundered on Greg Dyer's A-K. Maceiras' A-6 didn't improve and he won €64,800 for his troubles.

The final table would then consist of:

  1. Gregory Dyer (USA) - €1,606,000
  2. Mika Paasonen (Finland) - €924,000
  3. Mark Teltscher (UK) - €676,000
  4. Nikolaus Jedlicka (Austria) - €569,000
  5. Sander Lylloff (Denmark) - €502,000
  6. Trond Eidsvig (Norway) - €452,000
  7. Patrick Bruel (France) - €374,000
  8. Adam Junglen (USA) - €320,000

The final table was characterized by the speed with which players fell by the wayside.

A player was gone within minutes of the restart. This time, French singer Patrick Bruel pushed his remaining chips into the middle on an ace-high, all-heart flop only to be called by Mark Teltscher holding an ace and a heart. Bruel's 10-10 was well behind and got no help on the turn or river and he was gone in eight, for €104,500.

Nikolaus Jedlicka was next to be eliminated when he got his chips in with 10-10 but was called by Teltscher holding A-Q, both of which paired by the turn. Jedlicka's seventh-place finish was worth €154,700.

Sixth place went to Adam Junglen, whose A-4 fell victim to Lyloff's 8-8. He won €196,500.

Tronde Eidsvig was the fifth place finisher when he got his money into the middle with K-J on a board of J-9-6-10 only to find Mika Paasonen with 10-9. A cruel 10 on the river gave the Fin a full house and the Norwegian was sent packing with a consolation prize of €250,800.

Paasonen was next out when a king on the river in a three-way pot gave Dyer top pair and the winning hand. Paasonen picked up €301,000.

Dyer, who had brutalized the final table in early play but was the short stack for much of the threehanded play, succumbed in third place when his K-8 ran into Lylloff's A-A and he didn't improve. He pocketed €388,800 for his four-days work.

Heads-up play saw Lylloff with a 2-1 chip lead, with blinds at €20,000-€40,000, and it was all over in a few hands when Teltscher pushed all in with K-K and Lyloff called with J-10. A jack on the flop and another on the river saw the Dane win the EPT Barcelona.

Teltscher hugged his friend and roommate and the Scandinavian pocketed €1.17 million while the Briton picked up €673,000.

The EPT rolls into London on Sept. 25. Be sure to join for all of the action.

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