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Las Vegas Man Tries To Set Guinness World Record For Largest Casino Chip Collection

Gregg Fisher Will Start The Guinness World Record Verification Process By Displaying His 2,222-Chip Collection Next Week


A Las Vegas man is trying to shatter the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of casino chips, according to a report from a Las Vegas NBC affiliate.

Gregg Fisher, a member of the Casino Collectibles Association, says that he has a set of 2,222 casino chips with each one coming form a different casino. He will display them next week at Spinettis Gaming Supplies in Las Vegas as part of Guinness’ verification process.

Fisher’s collection will be available for public viewing from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from Monday, Sept. 27 through Wednesday, Sept. 29. After the public viewing is complete, Guinness begins a 12-week verification process to decide if Fisher’s collection is worthy of the title.

Fisher actually set the record himself last October when after Guinness verified his 818-chip collection. It broke the previous record set on June 22, 2019 by Paul Schaffer, who held a set of 802 chips from 32 different states.

Whether or not Fisher extends his record, the 2,222-chip collection will be on display at next year’s Casino Collectibles Association show, which will be held at the South Point Hotel and Casino June 16-18.