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Enrollment Spikes At Las Vegas Dealer Schools

Influx Of New Dealers Should Spell Positive Signs For Nevada Casino Industry


The more people that are comfortable being inside a casino, the quicker the brick-and-mortar casino industry will recover to pre-pandemic levels.

That seems to be the case, at least on one side of the table as there is an increased number of applicants to dealer schools in Las Vegas. According to a report from a local Fox affiliate, a handful of dealer schools have actually hit the maximum number of students they are allowed to accept.

David Noll, owner of CEG Dealer School, told local reporters that he had to limit enrollment to the course on several occasions. He also said that many of the applicants were considered “back of house” employees that were looking to transition to a different sector of the casino industry.

Those positions include employees of nightclubs or live performances, which still don’t have a concrete timetable as to when things will go back to normal.

As for the gambling aspect of the casino market, governments around the country have steadily been easing restrictions on table games. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announced in February that Silver State casinos could operate at 35% capacity, which was up from the 25% that was allowed when the market reopened last summer. Governors in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have made similar decisions within the last few weeks.

That number was raised to 50% in March and several major media outlets have reported that the city has seen a severe spike in tourism since the increase.

The return of tourists to Las Vegas should cause a spike in gaming revenue. In Nevada, casinos have experienced 11 straight months with year-over-year declines in gambling earnings.