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Ben Greenwell Wins Inaugural World College Poker Fall Brawl Tournament

Ohio State University Student Tops Field of 1,000 Entries In First-Ever WCP Event


Ben Greenwell has won the inaugural World College Poker Fall Brawl event. The 22-year-old Ohio State University student defeated a field of 1,000 entries in the free-to-play tournament, which was held on the PokerBROS social gaming platform. The Actuarial Science student was awarded a championship belt, a custom PokerBROS avatar, a six-day hotel package in Cancun, Mazatlan, or Puerto Vallarta, a private lesson with WPT champion Jonathan Little, and much more as the champion of this event. For a full listing of the prizes, check out the WCP’s official website.

The final table kicked off at 1:00 p.m. pacific on Saturday, Dec. 12, with poker professional, coach and author Alex Fitzgerald and comedian and poker player Clayton Fletcher hosting the action.

Greenwell made it down to heads-up play against Vanessa ‘Hernandezhh1’ Hernandez, a full-time mom and student at Midland College in Texas. Greenwell rivered a straight against the flopped top set of tens of Ben ‘spartan1122’ Fisher to take a 4.5:1 lead into the final showdown against Hernandez.

In the final hand of the event, Hernandez raised to 3,600 from the button with AHeart Suit7Heart Suit and Greenwell three-bet to 9,600 with the KClub Suit8Club Suit from the big blind. Hernandez called and the flop came down *Heart Suit7Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit. Greenwell bet 17,472 and Hernandez raised to 34,962 in position. Greenwell moved all-in and Hernandez called to put her tournament life at risk. The 9Club Suit turn and QSpade Suit river secured the pot and the title for Greenwell.

The full final table broadcast can be found below:

Here are the results from the final table:

Place Name Age School
1 Ben ‘OSUNutz’ Greenwell 22 Ohio State University
2 Vanessa ‘Hernandezhh1’ Hernandez 26 Midland College
3 Ben ‘spartan1122’ Fisher 35 Arizona State University
4 Ryan ‘rtc1755’ Clark 24 Sacramento State University
5 Blake ‘blaclaire23’ LaClaire 20 University of Arizona
6 Chris ‘FoldsNuts’ Pagel 21 University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
7 Jesse ‘JesseKim7’ Kim 18 Montclair State University
8 John ‘jpitts10’ Pitts 22 University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Some of the sponsors for the Fall Brawl include, First Land of Poker (FLOP), RunGood Gear, RedChipPoker, CannaNano CBD water, PLOQuickPro, Aquarian Bookshop, RealGrindersApparel, PokerPowher, and Magical Gnome Media.