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BetOnline $2.5 Million Guaranteed Series Enters Final Week

Turbo Events Starting At Just $5.50


By Charles Jay

With all of the information now available to poker players, playing online tournaments has been basically transformed it into a full-fledged sport. One of the premier sporting events in this vein is the $2.5 Million Championship Online Poker Series presented by the people at BetOnline.

It’s special because there is quite literally a competition to match everybody’s level of ability and taste, as far as style of play is concerned.

For one of these competitions, you may want to get into a little “playing shape,” because there’s something you can do to make it one of the fastest sports on the planet. I’m talking about Turbo tournaments, of course.

Turbo events put you into situations where you always have to make quick decisions. So it is a different thought process than you might otherwise encounter.

Make no mistake about it, this level of speed is not for everybody. Psychologically, it’s a different ball game altogether. And you can bet that while you’ll find your share of novices to play against, you’ll also find opponents who have conditioned themselves to this kind of swift pace.

And they all started somewhere; rest assured of that. So how might one prepare to do this for the first time? Preferably, you’d like to have a lot of online experience.

What we would recommend is that you put yourself into some ring games at BetOnline, for lower stakes. You can be your own judge as to what level you’re at. But getting acclimated is the principal objective. That is, IF you want to eventually go fast.

When you play in BetOnline’s $2.5 Million Championship Online Poker Series, you’ll find a number of Turbo events among the 100 that are scheduled for regular tournament play. You can even buy into a couple of them for a total of $5.50, so even if you stumble and fumble a little as you’re getting your feet wet you’re not going to be taking very much of a hit.

If you haven’t yet tried BetOnline, now is the perfect time. In addition to weekly cash races and one of the best daily tournament schedules online, the popular poker site is now offering players free bonus cash just for making a deposit with cryptocurrency. You can even play on your mobile Apple or Android device.

BetOnline is giving first-time depositors up to 100 percent in bonuses. Simply use the promo code ‘NEWBOL’ and get started.

If you’d like to get started, but don’t have an account, sign up today.

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