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NETELLER Will Return all $94 Million to U.S. Players

Certain Details of the Plan Found Here


Today, NETELLER announced that it is out of negotiations and will soon begin to implement a plan for the distribution of $94 million in US funds. The distribution process will begin by July 30, 2007. Customers will receive an e-mail when distribution is available. The two most important things to note are: 1) Beware of scams and 2) requests will only be accepted until January 26, 2008. Here is NETELLER's News Release.

Distribution Plan Summary

Please note that at the launch of the distribution plan, the NETELLER website will be extremely busy and may respond slowly when you browse to it. Please be patient and if you cannot log in, please try again a few hours later.

NETELLER will start the process for the distribution of U.S. member funds by 30 July 2007.

U.S. members will be notified by email when the process starts.

U.S. members should also check this site for updates.

NETELLER will issue an email to U.S. members to announce when they can begin requesting funds.

U.S. members must sign in to their NETELLER accounts to request the release of their funds.

U.S. members will not be able to request funds from the NETELLER website after January 26, 2008.

Funds will be delivered by electronic transfer to the bank account on record with NETELLER or by cheque to the member's mailing address.

NETELLER will not charge withdrawal fees.

As NETELLER is returning $94 million to hundreds of thousands of US customers, it will take some time for all payments to be processed.

Please be careful of any phishing scams. Only log in to the website to request the return of funds. Remember it must have as the top level domain using the https security protocol - nothing else.



over 11 years ago

I wonder if the US made a deal with Neteller to record everyone's name who withdraws.


over 11 years ago

Hmm, bmpek you might be on to something here. Lets see, $94 million divided by hundreds of thousands of US customers. Lets say, to be conservative 200 thousand. So, $94 million divided by 200 thousand... that's a whopping $470 each (on average) which the IRS will have to prove was income and not money already earned, taxed and placed in the accounts. And at a max rate of 36% that's an average tax bill of $170. (Of course the majority of taxpayers are only in the 15% bracket but I'm sure there will be fines and back interest to be paid) Well, bmpek alert the media, the IRS has found there windfall to balnce the budget and eliminate the deficit, Of course all those prosecutions will be expensive, heck just the accounting and the nasty "pay your tax letters will eat up a good junk". So maybe we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves.
Sure, there will be a few big hits to the pockets of some pros, high rollers or lucky donks. But in the whole scheme of things it sees hardly worth the effort. But feeling smug is worth something right?