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Card Player TV Video Spotlight: Olivier Busquet On Reasons For Betting

The World Poker Tour Champion Discusses Betting For Value, Betting As A Bluff And More


Olivier Busquet has more than $8.7 million in live poker tournament earnings, including a title in the 2009 World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open main event. Before breaking out on the live tournament scene over a decade ago, Busquet was best known as one of the most accomplished high-stakes online heads-up sit’n’go players. He was the first player ever to profit $1 million dollars in the format, playing under the screenname ‘Livb112’. In fact, according to tracking sites, he reached $2 million in profits before anyone else had even matched his first million-dollar benchmark.

During the 2014 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Card Player TV caught up with the New York native to discuss the reasons for betting in a poker hand.

“There are a few main categories of reasons why you would bet in poker. One is because you have the best hand and you want to build a big pot; so for value. Another is as a bluff, or where you can’t win at showdown, so you are trying to make your opponent fold by betting,” explained Busquet.

Busquet went on to outline the most two main factors to consider when thinking of betting for value.

“One is, ‘Is it likely that I’ll get called by a worse hand?‘. The second is, and I think this is especially important as your level competition gets higher, ’Are there bluffs that you’re representing? Can my opponent put me on bluffs, and therefore call?’ I think against less experienced players it is less relevant because they aren’t thinking in those terms as much, but in general, I think its always a good idea to consider.”

Busquet goes on to discuss the concept of ‘betting for information’, why some weaker players overbet to ‘protect’ their strong hands and more.

You can check out the entire video with Busquet below: