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Lee Watkinson Eliminated Eighth

Finish Good for $585,699

Action is folded to Jerry Yang in the small blind and he makes a raise. Lee Watkinson thinks, then pushes all in for $8,715,000 more. Yang stares Watkinson down as the chips are counted down, in a process that takes minutes. When the final amount is announced, Yang makes the call. As soon as the words escape his lips, a shock rips through the crown, and almost immediately everyone is standing. Watkinson tables A 7, but is dominated when Yang rolls over A 9. The flop is dealt 6 4 2, and Yang takes a commanding lead. Haved Khan starts dancing and yelling for some reason, but it does nothing to alleviate the pained expression upon Watkinson's face. The turn comes K, and Watkinson is drawing to a 7 only to keep his tournament hopes alive. The river bring the J, and Watkinson is eliminated from the main event. He takes home $585,699 for his efforts, and exits to a nice round of applause. Jerry Yang now has a significant chip lead at $55,015,000.