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Higher Level Gaming To Provide Top-Notch Esports Training Content For Gamers

Esports Training Company Set To Launch May 1 With Nearly 80 Hours Of Content, More On The Way


From the people behind Card Player, The Poker Authority, comes Higher Level Gaming, a new project designed to make the always-evolving world of esports more accessible to everyday players and fans.

Higher Level Gaming aims to provide top-notch content that will unlock each gamer’s true potential. Much like a poker training site improves your poker game, the top pros at Higher Level Gaming will show you how to reach elite status in some of the most popular games out right now.

“I’ve been playing games all my life,” said HLG Co-Founder and CEO Jimmy Fricke. “After experiencing the poker training sites first-hand, I felt like I was in a unique spot to bridge the two worlds. I had the idea for HLG in 2013 and now everything is becoming real. It’s been an amazing experience getting this project off the ground, and I know people will love it.”

It’s been estimated that more than 420 million people worldwide watch or participate in some form of esports. What was once limited to console or PC has exploded in popularity with the rise of mobile gaming, as well as professional leagues and streaming platforms.

“The gaming world is 1,000 times bigger than poker, so the demand is there,” said HLG Co-Founder and President Jeff Shulman. “The vast majority of esports content available today is for entertainment value only. What if we took that same entertainment content, from some of the best players in the world, and incorporated an educational aspect? Higher Level Gaming provides not only the entertainment content you want, it also makes you a better player.”

Higher Level Games will officially launch May 1 with almost 80 hours of content. Additional videos will pour in from the site’s gaming experts on a daily basis.

To start, the site will cover Fortnite, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and League of Legends, with more titles on the way. While some players can sell single-game training content for hundreds of dollars, monthly subscriptions for HLG start at just $9.99.

Trailer 2019-4-2_3-23PM from HigherLevelGaming on Vimeo.

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