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Michael Graves Wins Event No. 52 at the WSOP

A Not so Grave Day for Graves at the $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em w/Rebuys Final Table


Youth was present and the chips were plentiful at the final table of event No. 52, the $1,000 no-limit hold'em tournament with rebuys. The play was fast and furious from the start, and the final table unfolded in five hours. The event attracted a field of 1,048 players, and after rebuys, it generated a massive prize pool of $3,226,609.

The final table began with Michael Graves ($1,233,000), Isaac Haxton ($1,226,000), Theo Tran ($1,132,000), Arnold Spee ($760,000), Shawn Luman ($651,000), Thierry Cazals ($640,000), Shawn Hattem ($466,000), Chad Batista ($373,000), and Kris Tate ($299,000).

The heads-up battle was played in the same aggressive fashion as the final table till that point. On the final hand, Michael Graves raised on the button to $200,000 with 6 5 and Theo Tran made the call holding 9 8. The flop came down 7 5 4 and Graves bet out $375,000. Tran quickly moved all in with his remaining chips, and was almost immediately called by Graves. Tran showed an anguished face as he turned up his cards, while excitement filled the air on Graves' side of the table. Tran was unable to catch up when the turn came K, followed by the 10 on the river.

Tran walked away with $387,193 for his impressive second-place finish. Graves took home the first-place prize money of $742,121 and the highly sought after gold bracelet.