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Michigan Casino To Gather Data On The Emotional States Of Gamblers Through Facial Recognition

Gun Lake Casino Kicks Off Pilot Program With California Tech Firm


A tribal casino in Michigan is about to know a lot about its gamblers and other guests.

According to a Thursday press release from California-based technology firm VSBLTY, state-of-the-art facial recognition software is now live at the Gun Lake Casino in Wayland, Mich.

The software is currently in a pilot program, the company said. VSBLTY said that its software modules can gather data on age, gender, “dwell time” and sentiment. The data analysis happens in real time, all to the benefit of the gambling den.

“This software is designed to not only enhance the guest experience, but to create a virtual perimeter around the casino floor to analyze player behaviors, further gamify player engagement, all while augmenting security operations to make Gun Lake even safer,” said VSBLTY Chief Executive Officer Jay Hutton.

The technology is also able to perform “object recognition that identifies assault weapons and objects of interest that, if detected, can notify security.”

Furthermore, VSBLTY provides the casino with “advanced digital signage technology” that it claims will increase engagement with branded messaging and other offers. Through facial recognition, the signage can “captur[e] consumer information at the point of consideration,” according to the company’s website. It can also tailor the content to who is looking at it.

“Gun Lake is using marketing messages to keep guests informed of offers, including more ways to win, while providing management information from sentiment to security, all in one application,” the firm added in the press release. “Our VisionCaptor software allows marketers and casino operators to tailor messages delivered to the display depending on who is looking at them—all in real-time.”

VSBLTY believes the technology “will be standard issue on casino floors in the future.”

The casino industry is embracing other state-of-the-art technology in the brick-and-mortar setting. These days, casino shufflers can return a shuffled deck to its original position and casino cameras are able to read the words on mobile devices used by guests.