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Quick Guide To Online Gambling Laws Around the World

Here's A Look At Some Of The Best


Obviously, all online gambling regulation is not created equal in countries around the world. The US, of course, is the most pertinent example of this, with the rise and fall of poker sites at the beginning of the 21st Century still rankling with players and operators today.

Still, some countries have provided excellent regulations for players to play their favourite blackjack, poker and casino slots as much as they want, while still putting emphasis on player safety and care. Below is a quick guide to some of the best:


Many of the biggest gaming companies still operate out of the UK, albeit with most of the licences being held in tax-havens like Gibraltar and the Channel Islands. The gambling market has been in operating legally there for many decades. However, there was a big impact felt with the 2005 Gambling Act, which brought in deregulation across the industry.

The online betting/casino industry is thriving in the UK, with around 34% of all revenue taken from the eGaming sector. That’s a pretty huge slice of the pie when you consider that there are still 1000s of betting shops, bingo halls and land-based casinos around the country. Players enjoy plenty of freedom to play online, with the emphasis mainly put on self-regulation (deposit limits, timeouts etc.).

New Zealand:

New Zealand has one of the most interesting online gambling markets. Essentially, online casino play is legal there as long as the operator is not based in New Zealand. This has caused some of the big players in the industry to have a big presence in the growing New Zealand online market.

All the usual types of games – poker, slots, roulette – are popular there. For lovers of card games, blackjack is a particular hit with Kiwi players. You can check out this guide to online blackjack in New Zealand to find out more about playing it there. It gives an overview of the game in NZ, but also some links to bonus offers and reviews for the best casinos to play the blackjack there.


Per person, Australian’s are among the biggest punters in the world. They haven’t embraced the online market with as much enthusiasm as, say, the UK, but it still provides around 12% of all the gambling revenue there.

Just as with their cousins in New Zealand, there is some restriction when the operator is actually based in Australia. The big shift came with the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act, which restricted the marketing and operating of Australian-based gambling companies. However, Aussie players also get over that by (legally) joining online casinos that are officially based outside of the country.


It is estimated that there are between 1200-1400 online gambling companies operating in Canada. That’s not bad for a country with around 10% of the population of the USA. Online gambling is legalised in every state in Canada, but once again there is a little bit of restriction when it comes to local casinos gaining licences.

Once again, that means some of the big hitters in the online casino/betting world – William Hill, Sporting Bet, 888 – all have a large market share. Still, the percentage share of online gambling is very small (around 5%) when compared to playing lotteries or at land-based casinos in Canada. The country’s laws are nevertheless considering friendly to online players.